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  1. Just installed OA++, downloaded the Eicar test file and tried to run it. Result:


    If it isn't detected for you, you may want to follow Andrey's suggestion and create a customer support request including the necessary system information.

    Thanks! Ticket filed. Of course, even if you were to notice a bug in this scenario, you won't fix it since OA++ is no longer supported... Will OA++ work on Windows 8? OA will, but will the AV-engine?

  2. OA++ is great. Why would I use OA and EAM together? A behavior blocker along with HIPS is not good at all. Will you eventually ditch the behavior blocker in favor of the built in HIPS in OA? I bought a 3 year license OA++ a few hours back but I wouldn't if I had read this thread.

    For the record, Eicar test file isn't even detected by OA++ anymore. Is this intentional? How can I trust your words when the product can't even detect the most known test file available? Did you do something already? I feel kind of cheated.

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