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  1. Thank you for the wise lecture. It does not mean, that I am talking about literal quotes - but it is the refrain of the dialogue from the topic By the way, topic was closed by "primal developer". Of course, it is much easier than solving problems with Ethernet. And time is running. With no result.
  2. Not "already", but "still". The problem should be solved in operative order. Instead of doctrines like "you are making mistakes" or "you install/uninstall product incorrectly" the company have to realise, that problems with Ethernet are not our scary tales, but reality. Why should my work be paralysed only because of bad compatibility with operating systems?
  3. Dear developers of Emsisioft! We have to request you to solve our problem. We respect your work by producing anti-malware programms. That’s why we bought license "Emsisoft Internet Security Pack" with hope to be protected and provided with full support. Now all of us feel the problem of blocking Ethernet by Online Armor. We cannot solve the problem ourselves, and tecnical support provide us with the whole lote of formal replies such as "the problem with your system", "you install/uninstal product incorrectly". However, in some cases we install product on CLEAR Windows or on system witout wrongly uninstalled previous anti-malware software. In our opinion, the problem is with compatibility between Windows 8 and Online Armor. In some cases product paralyses Ethernet even in Windows 7 based system. We ask you, developers, to help us because we do not trust, that forum can help us. Here are our support forum nicknames: German_HocKK, Kolobrodik, Milan 1994. Here are the links on forum: 1. 2. 3.