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  1. Thanks for the info. I will use the trace name from now on. I still question whether this is the best way, since I know I trust a specific program, but may not trust others with the same trace name. Well, I'll take my chances. I did search the forums for anything about whitelist and could not find anything related. Maybe this could be added to the a2cmd docs to avoid future confusion. Thank you for your help. Brian
  2. I have tried everything, and can not seem to prevent a2cmd from deleting my application. I would like to run a full scan, including trace scan, but ignore everything in my whitelist. Every scan deletes the folder C:\Program Files\OmniCom\ with the following result... c:\program files\OmniCom detected: Trace.Directory.WinShadow 3.0!A2 Here are my command line parameters... a2cmd.exe /f="C:\" /wl=whitelist.txt /l=Log\a2cmd-Scan.log /q=quarantine /t /c /a /n /r I saved the following whitelist.txt in the a2cmd directory... C:\Progra~1\OmniCom\ C:\Program Files\OmniCom\ c:\program files\OmniCom\ C:\Progra~1\OmniCom C:\Program Files\OmniCom c:\program files\OmniCom I know it's redundant, but I expect at least one of the lines to have an effect. I've also tried just one line, which also does nothing. I would like to exclude that folder from all scans (even trace scanning). It appears that the whitelist is not considered in a trace scan. Is this a correct assumption? If so, why? and can it be considered in a future release? BTW... Thank you for an excellent product.