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  1. Good point on this thread, the protection is running and monitoring and that should suffice for the needed protection
  2. I must agree with jerky but IMHO running Emsisoft Anti Malware by itself will protect you. I do believe in layer protection as I have a Trojan Scanner for On Demand and another security software for On Demand. I use these as second opinions.
  3. This is a general question to our members. When I purchased Emsisoft Anti-Malware I was given a license for Adguard 5 as a bonus. My question is it really needed since I have Emsisoft installed?? Or would this be considered a extra layer of protection?? Appreciate your input.
  4. I have to admit it caught me off guard as I was on a web page (firefox) AND all of a sudden firefox shut down lost all my icons just a blue screen. Then everything came back to normal.
  5. Issue is resolved appreciate your help and assistance. Thank you for taking the time and helping me out.
  6. I'm trying out Emsisoft Anti-Malware for the first time. 1. I did a quick scan, which produced 35 suspicous files. 2. I quanatined them, however in the quanatine its states "no risk" 3. So my question is: do I restore them??? If I do the scan will show all of them again..............or do I delete all 35 files??? This is a bit confusing.. Appreciate your help
  7. Fabian: Ran a second deep scan. Scan showed complete at 100% Than at that point Anti-Malware froze up when I selected to delete a ad aware file.Did a reboot back to normal. What is going on???? Note: ever since the major update this morning I am having problems.
  8. Fabian: Nothing unusual in the event log or unusual entries. As stated after deep scan, modules shut down. As of this reply no problems so far. Any ideas why this would happen??
  9. Here is a issue never happened before, while doing a deep scan as the scan finished "all the modules turned off"!!! Had to do a reboot than everything was back to normal. Now just earlier we had a major update to the Anti-Malware software could this have caused a glitch??? Also noticed the main GUI did not recognize my deep scan, stating I have not scanned in 17 hours???? What is the recommendation?? Right now everything is back to normal.............also my PC is clean from any virus's etc.......
  10. Hi Gang: Ok I need some opinions and help on this issue. Running Online Armor also have a license for Spy shelter Premium which I have installed. Is this a good mixture and extra layer of protection?? Do both these applications compliment each other?? As usual appreciate everyone's input and expertise
  11. This is a interesting topic on a new method by hackers to capture ones data, which is called "form grabbing" Here is a quote on this issue: "While the key logger captures all of the data typed into the form, it will completely miss the "state" value, as the user enters this value using a dropdown list. To solve this problem, clever attackers invented a technique best known as form grabbing, as the Trojan "grabs" the form before the user submits it and then reports it to a command-and-control (C&C) server" As we all know OnLine Armor has a anti-key logger module for protection. But
  12. This is possibly the answer why Avira stated Mamutu as "incompatible. 1. One of the strong features of Mamutu is behavior based malware blocking 2. Avira also has this feature: With the proactive AHeAD (Advanced Heuristic Analysis and Detection) technology, Avira dynamically analyzes files for particular characteristics or behavior that give it away as malware, and then neutralizes the threat before it has the chance to infect your computer. Conclusion: Your have 2 software's performing the same function and would clash.
  13. Appreciate everyone's input on this thread!!! Its good to know we have some great members with good input on this issue. Thanks everyone for your help
  14. Hi Gang: Here is a question for our members, appreciate your insight. I am running Hitman Pro and Trojan Remover as a "on demand" scanner. What is your opinion, is this a over kill? Is Emsisoft Anti-Malware sufficient protection? Or is this a good idea to have a second opinion??-In regards to Hitman Pro there are 5 different Anti-virus vendors (which includes Emsisoft) scanning ones files????? How important is extra layer protection???
  15. I have to second the motion on what Fabian has stated. I also have a valid license for Zemana however that is just complicating matters and doubling up on what is not needed. Online Armor along with Anti-Malware is sufficient protection at this point in time.
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