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  1. not occasional every update. not free if pop up is mandatory. not going to repeat.Getting rid everyone who says it is free is an emsisoft employee LOL.
  2. it is not a news pop up it is an advert. If it is news why does it link to your site. Why not news in general about what is happening? This is news http://news.google.ie/ Your pop up is an advert Do you really expect people to believe your pop up is news LOL. It is an ad The word free means there is no obligation on the recipient. No obligation at all,monetary or otherwise. Not even to see a pop up. Someone here confirmed it is not free when they said the pop up cannot be disabled in the 'free' version.If it is free why not put a link in the GUI as my screenshot, people who want to read your 'news' can click it. Promote your programs but do not call something free when it is not Free = http://www.thefreedictionary.com/free I am getting rid of your 'free' program
  3. You are the one with the misconception of free. I am not talking of otheresoftware. Specifically yours with its intrusive box - and it is intrusive to me -over the tray. You could put a small link link in the GUI
  4. That is side stepping the point. The point you claim this is a free program but since one is exposed to ads mean it is not. What other freeware progs do is not relevant. i refer specifically to your so caled free program with its intrusive ad and while you say you are computer professionals you cannot disable it. By all means supply your program as an incentive to supoprt sales but do not call it free it is not. And when you say the newsletter cannot be disabled in the 'free' what you mean is you refuse to disable it in the free. lets see what consumer authorities say to PAY the tiny PRICE in EXCHANGE is not something yo are obliged to do with a 'free' program. My issue is not that it is not good, it should not be described as free when the ad cannot be disabled
  5. It is only useful information to you. It leads to your site which has your paid products. Don't insult my intelligence by saying you cannot disable it in the free version. You could if you wanted. The only reason you want to "communicate with our anonymous users",is to sell them paid products. GT500 said "Yes, technically it is an ad." And what is the purpose of an ad? "we feel that we need a way to transmit relevant news information once in a while." It is not relevant news. It is not news at all. it is to bring attention to your paid products in the guise of 'information. And it is not once in a while it is every update It is NOT useful info to me. If i want the info I will search for it. It is just an intrusive annoyance i have get rid off and your programme is not free if one must have that .Not havng a disable option in the free is the same as having a watermark or such like in a trial programme. It is adware. A free sample to sell paid products..And all it does for me is ensure i would never buy your paid products. I am going to contact the advertising and consumer authorities to find out if this can be mandatory in a 'free' program. "these notifications can only be disabled in the paid version of Emsisoft Emergency Kit." so it is an ad supported programme
  6. so your 'free' program is adware. One cannot havvethe program without the ad = adware
  7. i would prefer it did not appear at all. if having it appear is mandatory the prgram is not free. your news letter is just an ad.
  8. people with 'free' version are forced to see this pop down from tray
  9. It is possible with norton antivirus. The defs can be downloaded as a package on another computer and installed to the AV. I do it when reinstalling NAV to avoid going online with outdated defs to update You say not possible on most scanners. The page i linked yesterday says eek is the only scanner that can do that. Wrong
  10. Got it working, think nI blocked with firewallby mistake http://blog.emsisoft.com/2014/08/19/new-version-of-the-popular-free-virus-scanner-emsisoft-emergency-kit-9-available-2-2/?ref=newsbox_news140819&utm_source=software&utm_medium=newsbox&utm_content=news140819&utm_campaign=newsbox_news140819 Not true it is the only scanner that works with out internet as at above My av wll scan without being connected as will several. They wil not have latest defs. Neither will EEK have lates defs if no internet connection available
  11. OH I see thanks. I did not remember it being a big file last time.
  12. Not sure what you mean by that. here are screnshots 1 says i do not have the file and it will not work proerly without it 2 shows I have the file It opens but cannot contact update server I do not like the way joing the emsisoft anti malware network is pretickedand do not like the newsletter drop down cannot be disabled so i think it wil so be going off my computer. these things shopuld not be preticked i know how to find them if i want. if ihadn't it means i don't want
  13. When i updated on my vista it would not start. said missing a dll, a framewrork? So i tried to downlod a fresh copy and it is 167 MB? For the free one that is 5MB on my computer. I mean the free one that is portable and does not need installation
  14. How can i stop it appearing in the tray when updating?
  15. thanks but my question is why emergency kit will not delete them
  16. Shoul i be able to click through to it from the tray?
  17. how do i read the recommended reading from the pop up at the tray that comes with updates. It will not open with a click. I have win 7 64 bit
  18. Do you consider flash cookies a major risk.? i have one from feedjit.com and had last week as well I think.
  19. yes i had an update between scans, must have been FP. Thanks for your help
  20. no never swtched off the system restore at all
  21. the other scan was before system restore reset.dd not do that
  22. i did another scan now and they did not show?
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