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  1. Do not know if you this is he proper place to place this question. But here goes. I recently saw cactus vpn advertise to be connected with emsisoft. I am shopping for a vpn and if so would lend great credibility to them. Any thoughts? Jerry
  2. I believe I have the problem in hand. I looked at the log created after the scan and it said that this malware was quarantined. I could not find any trace of it in the program files or any reference to it. Ran another scan and came up clean this time. Thanks for your reply . FMAC
  3. My emsisoft gave me this messqage when I tried to quarantine this item ( C:\Program Files\mywebsearch\bar\1.bin) and to contact emsisoft support to get help with manually removing this malware. Anyone know what this is and how to get rid of it? thanks FMAC
  4. Appreciate the info. Seems everything working fine now, Thanks again fmac
  5. I cannot get to my banking site or any other internet site when I am in banking mode. Just gives me message windows has a problem and cannot connect to url. any suggestions, works fine in standard mode. fmac
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