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  1. Hi, just to add my input, I have exactly the same problem, and I'm currently running two PCs on an ethernet wired homegroup, both with fully updated Windows 10 Professional 64 bit operating systems. Tried for hours to make it work, then after googling, I discovered this thread, turned off both firewalls, and hey presto, homegroup pcs see eachother again. Hopefully the bug will be ironed out soon...
  2. Further to my last, please accept my apologies. Problem finally solved after 4 hours of continuous effort, and finally discovered that Mobile Security was only a small part of the problem, all of which is now sorted. Could one of the moderators please remove this and my previous post, as they are really now not relevant.. Thanks in advance.. PS: Since my discovery, I've now paid for a licence!!
  3. I had my phone lock up and crash, and had to do a hard reset. Now the app is still functioning, and stopping me from rooting my phone. I want to root it, to gain access to system memory, as when I did the system restore from back-up via Kies3, the app blocked part of the process, and I no longer have any of my sms data, which is needed for my business. To regain the data, I have to first root the phone. The app is listed in google play, as installed, though it is no longer visible on my phone app list. I have no other security installed, but it is now blocking all attempts I make at rootin
  4. Thanks Christian! I'll do that in a minute.. Apologies for not replying sooner. I looked into the settings (sorry to say I have no evidence or dump file to show for it), and ticking the scheduled scan option, the software immediately started a scan, and repeated doing so (or trying to..) every 2 seconds or so, until my pc ran out of memory. The only way I got out of it, was to do a hard shutdown (straight off). Re-booted and as soon as windows loaded and I logged-in, it did exactly the same again, without me touching anything. I managed to repeat this another 2 times before booting into
  5. Just installed Internet Security 9 beta, and firstly, is there any way to install to another drive other than the default C please? My win 7 install is on a partitioned SSD, and only the Win files are in C, all other programs are in the next partition... If not, will the finished version allow install to another drive please? I take it that this doubles for Anti-Malware, and Online Armor? If so, my set up (64bit) states that no firewall is installed.. I still have valid keys for both Anti-Malware and Online Armor, though neither are recognised by this version, so I'm on the trial key f
  6. Apologies for the initial posting, I'm not as well as I thought. Running scans now, and I will append them when done..
  7. Hi, I have a problem with a thing called fbdownloader, which at some stage in the recent past (I've been very ill with influenza for the past month) has ended up inadvertently being installed into my firefox browser. I realised the problem when searches from my usual mozilla homepage (google) didn't come up with usual expected selections. Then I noticed the fbdownloader notice stating that the search was undertaken with that, rather than google. I used revo uninstaller to remove it, and it still came back. I removed my existing firefox installation and clean installed a new one, an
  8. Sorry to but in on this thread Christian, but I have just purchased a Samsung Galaxy TAB2 10.1, for my wife, and wish to know if Anti-Malware and Online Armor would be suitable to install, and if so, could I also inquire as to pricing please, as I have both on my pc with just under 2 years of licence still to run (I think!). Could someone perhaps email me please? Thanks in advance..
  9. Hi, For some reason my Anti-Malware cannot connect to the update server, and currently hasn't done so for 24 or so, hours (last update 19/11/10 at 1657). Is the server down please? I ask only as with my current new build pc, running a clean install on a new drive of Win 7 64 bit, I'm concerned that there could be something at my end causing it? Nothing else is a problem at all, Online-Armor reports no problems, and all other software and internet connection is fine.. Regards! Edit: I feel rather silly, but I decided to double check Online-Armor, and found that it had decided to block acces
  10. Thanks very much Lynx! I think your suggestion is a very good one. I was worried that I would negate the use of my software in some way if I appeared to be dishonest over the licensing issue, with only having a license to have it on one machine. I probably won't have the 2/3 machine set-up in place for some time. I was concerned that by needing to swap back and forth during the set up of the new machine, that I would break the rules doing so. In any case I'll only ever have one machine online at a time, from the same URL address, as I double-check that my installations on the new machine are c
  11. Hi, I also, wish to change my subscription status.. I've had a full license since 300907, and renewed recently so my license (for one machine) doesn't expire until 021012. This is installed on a win XP 32 bit system. Now I have a change in my situation vis-a-vis my set-up. I've just built a fresh pc, with Windows 7 64 bit, installed (as opposed to my original machine, with Windows XP 32 bit), and wish to keep the old one running also, plus my partner wishes a laptop for her work. Wondering if it's financially feasible/possible to upgrade my existing subscription to cover 3 machines? I look
  12. Hi, Accidentally posted this in the wrong place, in the win7 x64 header, sorry.. I have the same issue, running xp sp3, EAM and OA, all up to date and licensed for 2 years, though I have to say in my case it's definitely intermittent. No probs otherwise, so I'll keep an eye on postings here.. Regards
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