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  1. nomad32

    Need help

    Thanks a lot. Have a nice day, Kevin!
  2. nomad32

    Need help

    Ive already done this action January, 15 used "Send file" option in Quarantine. And ive send this file to Please compare: and Name of malware was changed only. Thats why Im here! What should I do else?
  3. nomad32

    Need help Support team says: "Вполне возможно, что файл заражается на вашем ПК после скачивания. Рекомендую выполнить полную проверку и, возможно, отказаться от вашего текущего антивируса." (It is possible that infected file on your PC after downloading. Recommends that you perform a full scan and may reject your current antivirus. Translated by ive seen already same problem here
  4. nomad32

    Need help

    TY for answer. Here is requested log below
  5. nomad32

    Need help

    Hi. Couldnt You solve me a problem with [email protected]? (Previous detect) Downloaded from PS. Same topic at Russian Forum