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  1. Hello! I'm new to this forum and hope someone could help me. I recently downloaded something in the torrent that has a BHO.win32.Zwangi!IK ( i know i shouldn't have done that!) Then my computer slow down for a while and then the bluetooth keep popping that it wants to access the comp. I downloaded the emsisoft and quarantine it.. for 2 days it always come out, i decided to delete it... i want to put my portable hard disk but I'm afraid it might get infected with lurking trojans etc.. i don't want to loose my photo and docu files. i came across hijackfree in emsisoft and got the online analysis. However, I don't know how to kill the process? there's quite a lot i found with the X mark. (it says added by worms, trojan etc.) Please advise me. I will apreciate it so much! thanks, busy mom pls click for the hijackfree analysis