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  1. Is this for the online armor debug or the other computer not running maplestory with emsisoft installed?
  2. So I've done a few things, i did try putting the internet security program on this laptop again. Antimalware alone will let maplestory run, internet security will not. If i turn off the internet security portion (by shutting down the guard) it will run. I honestly have no idea what's going on between them, but i love the antivirus program and don't intend to change. I now have a second computer, a desktop and it's doing the same thing (terminating the maplestory process) and that's only with the antivirus installed.
  3. ... It's happening again So here's what i've noticed happen both times when it returned. The game closed once, no error mentioned (really not that uncommon for this game). I reopen it, and once again it errors out without notification. Now the process stops running after i click play on the launch window. Don't know what the hell is going on, but this is the most irritating problem i've ever experienced. (thus far) ... and i can't unsintall emsisoft because file "unins000.msg" is missing. Edit: I found that someone else has had the unins problem and have downloaded the program to fix the problem.
  4. It's better to have the tool, than to not have one when needed. People might laugh at you for carrying around a 'normally useless' tool, but at some point that 'useless' tool might be needed. Hell if the tool was created, obviously someone at some point needed it.
  5. I appreciate your help with this problem. I wasn't aware that my windows recovery console wasn't installed, but thanks to combofix that's been taken care of. I will continue to recommend Emsisoft products to anyone who asks what antivirus they should use.
  6. Here's the resulting log from that. While the lag still exists I think it may be a problem with my somewhat broken graphics driver. Whenever i try to reinstall i get an error from the driver installation.
  7. So strange twist for the better. A few days ago i had a complete mental blank and in an attempt to get maplestory to run a little better i started removing things that i figured were unnecessary (completely forgetting to check to make sure they were in fact unnecessary). I ended up uninstalling a few of the C++ programs, and after thinking about it i rolled back to the day before i uninstalled 3 of the copies of it, to a point where a 4th was also uninstalled. This doesn't make any logical sense to me but after going back the game started working fine with Emsisoft antimalware (which was deleted between the restore points i rolled back to). This problem has existed long before i removed those versions of the C++ library, so why restoring some of them would make it work i don't know.
  8. Should i reinstall OA and Emsisoft Anti malware before doing this? Edit: Yea, this is why i said this makes absolutely no sense
  9. Oh i haven't even tried doing it with online armor installed again. I've only been doing it with emsisoft anti-malware installed. Even after turning off the file guard service i couldn't get maplestory to work.
  10. If it wasn't for the fact there's an event for maplestory attendance going on i'd ordinarily just skip playing maplestory until the issue is resolved. Unfortunately with my other computer dead, this is the only one i have left that i can use. I'll be doing things on demand and unless it fixes things i'll have to uninstall emsisoft between efforts.
  11. I can't even believe this. I come back to using the computer in question after the old one which i could run maplestory on with no issues whatsoever finally died, or at least will no longer charge. I get it to launch maplestory once, the lag was so intense that i finally had to force close it. After that i went to restart maplestory and BAM the problem is back. What the hell.
  12. Actually I had both programs installed prior to my desire to play Maplestory.
  13. This honestly makes absolutely NO SENSE. I do that and maplestory still won't run I try uninstalling emsisoft and see if it will run and once again Lo and behold it runs just fine. I don't understand how this is possible. I literally don't understand. I'm currently in the process of reinstalling emsisoft while maplestory is open and running on the laptop. I'll update the post once it's finished and i test it out Edit: For whatever reason that actually worked, even after restarting the computer the game still launched after i had closed it once emsisoft finished installing again onto the computer. I'm afraid to even try installing online armor back onto the computer for fear i'll have to go through this process all over again.
  14. I've tried switching to game mode, and disabling all guards (in both regular and game mode) but the process is still being terminated after attempting to run the actual game.
  15. So I have this issue with Emsisoft Antimalware. As long as it's installed i can't get maplestory to start. Is there something i can do to get it working? If it requires me poking around the file folder maplestory is in that's kinda not going to work for me. Every single time i look at that folder my windows explorer crashes, and almost every other time it crashes the Dr. Watson (debugger) program. When that crashes I have to force shut down my computer. That happens with both my laptops so I don't know what the hell is going on there. Windows XP Service pack 3 32 bit Emsisoft Antimalware version Seems to be incompatable with maplestory in general, current version is .127 There is no direct link to the set up file itself, the link to the download of the file that eventually gets you the set up file is Just click the button that says download, again there's no direct way of linking that since it's a javascript item (at least to my knowledge) Here's a video that shows pretty much what happens to me, except i use your product.