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  1. For now, after uninstalling Mamutu my Windows 7 is back to normal. I wait wait a couple of days before re-installing Mamutu. Kaspersky has exclusions, but as you can see, there is a long list that include all installed Microsoft and 3th party applications, with Mamutu's .dll files.
  2. Didn't help. Kaspersky blocks other applications due to Mamutu's guard. This conflict freezes my Windows 7 which needs restart to function. I have uninstalled Mamutu for now. Attached Kaspersky's GetSystenInfo application report.
  3. It started with KAV 2013. Recently it got worse (I think since the "e" update to KAV 2013).
  4. Kaspersky anti-virus 2013 demands the removal of Mamutu. Kaspersky self-defense sometimes blocks Mamutu. Kaspersky regards Mamutu as not compatible software Mamutu's files a2hooks32.dll, a2service.exe, a2accx64.sys,... are regarded suspicious. Any way you are going to fix this conflict ? Windows 7 64 bit. Kaspersky anti-virus 2013. Mamutu Alex
  5. Just auto updated Mamutu this morning. After the update (version is Mamutu.exe *32 uses 25-27% CPU. I have a Windows 7 64 bit PC. Kaspersky Anti-Virus. Had no CPU problem with Mamutu before today's update. alex
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