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  1. Yes correct. Those who have it checkmarked will be prompted to version 10. You will continue to geet beta updates.
  2. Siketa, It appears as though if you have Beta checked you will be automatically prompted to download version 10. Fabian many resellers reporting they have version 10 installed. Marc
  3. Once again Fabian to the rescue. Thanks for a fast response. Have a great day!
  4. Hello Fabian, Same thing has happened to my resellers and my personal self. Emsisoft will ask you to reboot once and it reverts to version 8 with File Guard disabled, then asks to reboot again and goes back to version 9 with File Guard disabled. I then proceeded to reboot a 3rd time, turned off all guards and turned them back on again and now all is back to normal. I have advised Arthur about it, he has let the team know. Can be something related to Beta 10. Let me know if you have any questions. Marc
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