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  1. Thank you for the information. I will not bother since it only saves half a gig.
  2. My C drive is a 128GB SSD which is half full. My D drive is a 1TB HDD which is almost empty. Can the signature files be put on the D drive and is it worth the bother?
  3. Windows 10 Home version 1803 The upgrade to 1803 left a 5GB folder called windows.old. Scanning it takes a long time. Is there any way to tell the scanner to exclude a file or folder?
  4. Thank you - it worked! I used the short installer which was much faster.
  5. I had to do a reset of my computer. That installed a fresh copy of Windows 10 Home and deleted EAM. How do I reinstall EAM without purchasing a new copy?
  6. Kevin, It started several weeks after the 1709 update.
  7. Fixlog attached. Still having error on boot. Message "please wait" followed by a delay and then the login screen. I enter my pin and get a message "Something went wrong. Try a reboot. Reboot gives the Please Wait message but desktop loads after entering my pin. Fixlog.txt
  8. Windows 10 Home with all updates. I am getting a 0X80070032 error when I boot. I have to reboot to start Windows. Is it malware or a problem with Windows? FRST.txt Addition.txt scan_171101-130617.txt I BB_171101-170551.txt Forensics_171101-170633.txt Quarantine_171101-170430.txt
  9. Received email announcing V12 on 2 Dec (Australian time). Clicked on update link in letter Was sent to a web page, clicked on downloard link. Version that started was V11.9.xxxx What happened to 12?
  10. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 tablet running Emsisoft Mobile Security 2.0.6 The application manager has both Force Stop and Uninstall grayed out. How can I uninstall the product?
  11. I enabled a HDD which was connected but disabled a few days earlier. There were multiple reboots between that and the license problem.
  12. Windows 10, EIS 6513 EIS popup saying product restart needed. EIS shut down, didn't restart. Reboot of PC hung, had to force hard shutdown. Boot after shutdown appears OK and EIS started but the Security Overview says Trial Period 26 days left. I have a fully paid license with well over 600 days. Problem solved by re-entering my license key. Is 6513 the latest version?
  13. http://www.smh.com.au/technology/consumer-security/malware-hijacks-big-four-australian-banks-apps-steals-twofactor-sms-codes-20160309-gnf528.html