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  1. I am using Emsisoft Mobile Security on a Samsung Galaxy S6 running android version 7.0 I am getting reports that Peel Remots has aggressive adware. Adware Agent APH. The advice is to uninstall which results in replacing it with the factory version, I never use Peel Remote but I would like to know if this is a real problem or a false positive.
  2. I have a 3 machine license and have emsisoft installed on one machine. I am about to install it on another machine. Where do I get the download file for EAM?
  3. Thank you for the information. I will not bother since it only saves half a gig.
  4. My C drive is a 128GB SSD which is half full. My D drive is a 1TB HDD which is almost empty. Can the signature files be put on the D drive and is it worth the bother?
  5. Windows 10 Home version 1803 The upgrade to 1803 left a 5GB folder called windows.old. Scanning it takes a long time. Is there any way to tell the scanner to exclude a file or folder?
  6. Thank you - it worked! I used the short installer which was much faster.
  7. I had to do a reset of my computer. That installed a fresh copy of Windows 10 Home and deleted EAM. How do I reinstall EAM without purchasing a new copy?
  8. Kevin, It started several weeks after the 1709 update.
  9. Fixlog attached. Still having error on boot. Message "please wait" followed by a delay and then the login screen. I enter my pin and get a message "Something went wrong. Try a reboot. Reboot gives the Please Wait message but desktop loads after entering my pin. Fixlog.txt
  10. Windows 10 Home with all updates. I am getting a 0X80070032 error when I boot. I have to reboot to start Windows. Is it malware or a problem with Windows? FRST.txt Addition.txt scan_171101-130617.txt I BB_171101-170551.txt Forensics_171101-170633.txt Quarantine_171101-170430.txt
  11. Received email announcing V12 on 2 Dec (Australian time). Clicked on update link in letter Was sent to a web page, clicked on downloard link. Version that started was V11.9.xxxx What happened to 12?
  12. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 tablet running Emsisoft Mobile Security 2.0.6 The application manager has both Force Stop and Uninstall grayed out. How can I uninstall the product?