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  1. I noticed a slowdown when using Avast internet security and EAM, specially using Firefox. I excluded the Avast process in EAM, but it not fixed the problem
  2. I had this problem too. EAM quarantine the file conhost.exe ( with reason of bad reputation) in Win 8.1
  3. In this case when the files are only cookies, closing the browsers is enough. It is annoying that you can't postpone the restart, because the "OK" botton restart it. I think should be a option to close the program without a restart
  4. EAM shouldn't ask to reboot a computer to delete cookies, it is inecesary. It should ask to close browsers windows.
  5. I have seen others security programas(like Avast) that have it without problem. It will increase your chances to detect a malware before it download or try to run in a computer
  6. Other solution is that EAM add HTTP streaming scanning,
  7. EAM dont scan traffic only block hosts. You can disable the host blocker.
  8. Yes, 3 realtime protections software running can cause conflict problems like slow down your computer.Even 2 can be problematic. I use only 1 realtime protection and the other are one demand scanner.
  9. I fixed the problem disabling the option "optimaze memory usage". It is weird because I dont had problem with V7
  10. I sent the log and attached here. It is getting slower so I uninstalled it. Where i can find V 7?
  11. EAM V8 is slowing down my PC. I noticed high CPU use in the a2service.exe. I am not sure what it is doing. I have a Vista64 PC
  12. I bought a license for EAM only, but now I am tempted to buy OA. Can I get a discount price for EAM user? or I have to pay the current price in website? Yes, I know I lost oportunity when I bought EAM.
  13. Any plans to make a 64 bit version of EAM?
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