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  1. Thx @stapp Question please, after the update (and the error) do you get this in the Eventvwr ? Updated Emsisoft Anti-Malware status successfully to SECURITY_PRODUCT_STATE_ON. (Event ID 15) Edit: Forced an update and also get the Security Center failed to validate caller with error DC040780. (Event ID 17) error
  2. Guys, yesterday I got back home after 1,5 week trip and EAM updated to a newer version and EAM asked for a Reboot Immediately after that I received dozens and dozens errors in my Eventvwr (application log) Error while updating status to SECURITY PRODUCT STATE ON (Event ID is 16) One solution said to stop and start WMI which I did, and the errors went away, but as soon as I manually scanned for Updates in EAM the Eventvwr again filled with Dozens errors Another error I saw was : Security Center failed to validate caller with error DC040780. (Event ID 17) I then removed EAM and reinstalled it and now it seems to be quiet again in eventvwr No idea what was going on and if the problem went away but I will keep monitoring the Logs Ps: Forgot, Running Windows 10, 1903
  3. Sorry to butt in, but i don't like the new Interface. Too Much scrolling IMHO, rather have the settings sorted under their own TAB, but maybe that's just me *easier to find* (support - everything for support, internet settings - everything for internet settings). Example: I was looking for "Factory Defaults" it took me a while to find as it was under advanced (logical) but you have to scroll ALL the way down (not logical) to find it.
  4. Updates working again for me ! (SE-Asia) can anyone confirm ! General Information: Version 2018.7.2.8843 Update started: 17/08/2018 12:58:06 Update ended: 17/08/2018 12:58:11 Time elapsed: 0:00:05 Update successful Detailed Information: 19 modules, 1110749 bytes a2hosts.dat (1598 bytes) - updated Signatures\BD\e_spyw.i00 (662 bytes) - updated Signatures\BD\e_spyw.i13 (645 bytes) - updated Signatures\BD\emalware.000 (10114 bytes) - updated Signatures\BD\emalware.126 (308 bytes) - updated Signatures\BD\emalware.127 (2414 bytes) - updated Signatures\BD\emalware.128 (1848 bytes) - updated Signatures\BD\emalware.130 (199120 bytes) - updated Signatures\BD\emalware.i08 (333214 bytes) - updated Signatures\BD\emalware.i57 (357276 bytes) - updated Signatures\BD\emalware.i67 (13193 bytes) - updated Signatures\BD\emalware.i68 (15613 bytes) - updated Signatures\BD\emalware.i69 (27278 bytes) - updated Signatures\BD\emalware.i71 (228 bytes) - updated Signatures\BD\emalware.i76 (146203 bytes) - updated Signatures\BD\htmltok.cvd (303 bytes) - updated Signatures\BD\java.cvd (292 bytes) - updated Signatures\BD\update.txt (121 bytes) - updated Signatures\BD\vbtok.cvd (319 bytes) - updated
  5. Just now, when clicking update, it started with initializing then updating 1% then again initializing then updating 2% then "Could not connect .. "
  6. I have full working internet so no problem connecting to any Sites but EAM update isn't working. Any problem ??
  7. I'm sorry to hear that. Lets wait until someone who is in the know sheds his/her light on this. Only one other thing I can think of, is the time and date on your PC correct ?
  8. Can you check under - Settings - Updates if "Update the software and ... " is checked ? And also check if "Every" or "Once a day" is selected, and (last one) if "Dont run automatic updates in Game Mode" is selected..
  9. Wouldn't this help ? in the License Tab click Change License and then click "test for 30 days free". Wouldn't that deactivate the license on that particular PC ?
  10. Hi Arthur, nope no problem after I found out that BatchGotAdmin isn't needed anymore. Fortunately I saved my "old" scan.cmd and now get the UAC Prompt on scanning WITHOUT using BatchGotAdmin. Thx again for the help, really appreciated.
  11. Since this morning (new version EAM). A2CMD refuses to run (again) to scan downloaded files. Anything changed ? Ps: Running Win 8.1 x64 edit1: It seems that BatchGotAdmin isn't necessary Anymore
  12. Hi Guys, In my c:\Program Files (x86)\Emsisoft Anti-Malware\Quarantine\ I have a couple of files (6 to be precise), all with EQF.EIQF extension ********-****-****-****-************.EQF.EIQF Dates vary from 26/12/2014 to 10/01/2017 and they all are 26 bytes in Length My Quarantine is empty. Are these just remnants from previous quarantines or ...... Thanks for any insights
  13. I can confirm that at 1045am the update process finished ! Case closed Edit: I also see that I got a new version 2017.1.0.7138
  14. Started my PC this morning and getting the following error messages when updating EAM Ps: I am typing this message from the same computer so my Internet connection is working Edit: Just in case it's relevant, location is SE-Asia and EAM version is
  15. Hi Arthur, nope. Nothing like that as it happened on first boot in the morning, right after updating to the newest version. (restart of application required ........) But I must say that my Internet is intermittent, but when looking in the EAM Update logs I only see "update successful" or "No Modules for ..." so EAM is connecting to the internet successfully. I now regularly check, what the license status of EAM is and when it's in Trial I use the correct license key so not really a Big Deal. Thanks
  16. Today it happened again after update to the newest version that my EAM was in Trial mode. After selecting the right license (I have 3) everyting was running fine again, but I am just wondering why this is happening.
  17. Thanks Arthur Regarding 2: It's the same MB, HDD etc etc on the PC it happened on and it only happened once and only on 1 machine (out of the 3 that are running EAM) Everything Fine and Dandy
  18. 1st - No more Files in the Temp Directory (when did that change ?) 2nd- To my surprise it was running in Trial Version already for a couple of days, after I entered my License key it reverted back to licensed but why did this happen ? Internet access I have and automatic updates are occurring all the time.
  19. Ccleaner will also clean (Normal) User accounts. The way I use it is. I am a Normal user (not admin) on my PC - Download CCleaner, Install CCleaner as Admin (Right click on the downloaded File and select "Run as Admin...." - After installation, If you want to run CCleaner as a Normal User just run it by clicking the icon on the Desktop - After installation, If you want to run Ccleaner as an Admin, just right click the icon and select Run as Administrator The Pro version can do all User accounts (on your PC) in one go and some more things like Automatic Updates and Real Time Monitoring. Look for the difference between PRO and Free here https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download Ps: Make sure that in Ccleaner (Under Options, Advanced, if you have UNCHECKED "Only Delete Files in WIndows TEMP folders older than 24 Hours" and also UNCHECK "Only Delete Files in Recycle Bin older than 24 Hours" (But UNCHECKING these options, will still not Clean the Files which are in use by Emsisoft Protection Service as explained by Fabian ) Edit: And after this, you still can't clean User Temp Files, go here: https://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showforum=8 and post a topic as it then clearly something is wrong.
  20. Thanks Arthur. On my NUC, I just turned off the update notifications. But on my PC's I like to see them. But maybe an idea for the developers to (maybe) only show the last Notification and not have to be "click" 24 (example) notifications dialogs.
  21. Oke Arthur absolutely nice, but what I noticed yesterday was Started my NUC (by Mistake) early afternoon, normally I only use it when going to sleep to watch some movies. The NUC is on a 2 hour schedule to download Updates. When I went to bed and turned on the TV, the NUC was (as should be) in Screensaver, but as soon as I moved my Mouse the update notifications came, not 1 but 3. What if I had left my NUC (or PC) on for 2 days (example) in it's screensaver and as soon as I would start using, I would get 24 notifications that the update was successful ? Is there a way to limit these notifications to like for example only the last one ?
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