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  1. Ok. I did everything you said. When you say reboot, i assumed you meant in normal mode. Which i did. Everything seems to be running ok. I'm no longer being blocked, i dont see the "US Dept of Justice" seal and camera or any of those things anymore. Attached is the new OTL log. Thanks so much for helping, but i believe we're not quite finished yet. Please if you could advise on how to proceed. It is definitely welcomed. THANX
  2. what code inside OTLfix.txt? Should I copy and paste the whole thing? Im not sure which code you're referring to?
  3. I have 2 infections left on my system that i still was unable to quarantine or delete. One is a Heuristic.Possible.MBR.Rootkit. The other one is a Generic Trojan or something. So as instructed, im attaching the a2scan report and the OTL and Extras Reports. Please help and advise me on how to proceed and actually remove the Dept of Justice/Moneypak virus.
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