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  1. Thanx for you're quick replay GT. I didn't use use the free trail option during the installation proccess. So I will check the advanced features some other time. I will test some other producs and then make my discission on what to do next. But when I pull the plugg from my linux based filter i will save some cash.
  2. Dear reader. Is there any way to specify a block for ip-ranges?? I used to block some country's like Chine, Afghanistan etc etc by there CIDR range. I also want to block all incoming PING but there are no settings for blocking the icmp protocol and it's options. Since ICMP does not use a specific port number I don't see a way to block incoming echo requests. I like Online Armor because it's practically using none of my system resources and it's not constantly pushing product offers to my machine like other free firewalls do. But now that i think about it, it probably does not actively
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