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  1. On the pic below, you can see running tasks. Time's correct on pc. Running as admin does not make any change.
  2. Yes, for sure. I can't understand this. I know, that you, guys trying to help me (Thanks for that ), but this is not normal. I know something about PC's, and I never had a problem like that.
  3. And again, didn't work for me. Installed OA in safe mode, restart my pc, and the same program again, safety check window shows up, and warn to restart the pc. I'm starting to get sick of this. I payed for this product, I bought the licence for 3 (!) years, and I cannot use it. I cannot believe that I'm the only one, who facing this problem. Please try to do something about this, because it starts getting ridiculous.
  4. I uninstalled it, but the problem still exists. I can't believe this.
  5. No, I'm an end-user, using the PC for publishing. How can I remove this madCodeHook something? (I can't imagine how I get this...)
  6. I attach the archived log folder, I used rar format (instead of zip), I hope it'll be useful. Thanks for your cooperation.
  7. No, it's the same, with manual and with auto update.
  8. I did what you wrote, but didn't help. I uninstall Qtrax, because I didn't use it.
  9. I attach the screenshots. There bis only one user. I hope you can help.
  10. I tried this, but I still get the same error. I click on Beta updates, click OK button, and restart my PC. After boot, I get the Safety Wizard Check window, and when I look into Settings the Beta Update checkbox is empty, looks like OA didn't save the previous settings. I'm starting to get crazy abou this...
  11. Thanks for your advice, my PC is faster now, than it was before, but unfortunatelly the problem with Online Armor still exists, I still can't use it. Excluding Online Armor in Emsisoft Anti-Malware didn't solve the problem. Here are the two files.
  12. Okay, I attached the two files, you mentioned. Hope they'll help...
  13. The latest version, which you provided with the link in your previous post.
  14. Tried this, didn't help. It's all the same. What should I do?
  15. Hi there, I have a problem with OA. I've installed it on my PC (Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit), the installation was successfull, but everytime I reboot my PC, the Safety Check Wizard window shows up, it completes the safety check, than prompt me to reboot the PC (see attached pic). I reboot it, but OA doesen't start, it runs the Safety Check Wizard again. I cannot reach OA's main window, becuase a window says, that "system must be rebooted after Safety Check Wizard to start Online Armor". I already tried to uninstall it, and than reinstall, but it was the same, tried to upgrade with the latest downloadable version, but it either didn't help. I have a 3 years licence for 3 PCs, and I've already installed OA on the other two PCs (same OS) without problems. I don't know what could be the problem. Do you have any ideas?
  16. Thanks for the answer. (Just an advice: you should write this information in the product infomation. It would be helpful. For me, at least... )
  17. Hi there, I just bought my Emsisoft IS pack (in the Valentine's special). I know that for the Valentine's gift Anti-Malware I have two months to activate, but I have no information about the activation period for my two other products ("normal" Anti-Malware and Online Armor). I've searched the whole site, tried to google it, but can't find the information. Can you tell me how much time I have? I really woludn't like to run out...