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  1. Hello Christian


    Thank you for your answer! I understand the problem! But there is an easy solution that maybe helps you out. I just found it in german so maybe someone off your team how speaks german can take a look at this. http://www.heise.de/ct/artikel/2-Klicks-fuer-mehr-Datenschutz-1333879.htmlIt is just an idea but maybe this helps you a bit

    with your dilema. In short it is an button for social networks which is turned of per default and every user can turn it on if he/she need's it. The code of it is open source and simple.


    Keep on your good work emsisoft

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  2. Hello Emsisoft Team


    Just one short question.


    You always speak about the care of privacy so how or why you have so many requests from google, facebook, twitter and so on on your website?


    Don't get me wrong in my opinion emsisoft is the best malewareprotection i ever saw and your support-forum is awesome!

    But i didn't understand that all of this datacollecting companies have the permisson to track your websitevisotors or forumreaders/members!


    Best Regards hilfe



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