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  1. OK, I answered you per PM. I didn't want to open a topic in the German section, as this thread already exists
  2. Hmm, unfortunately, not for me... I just bought Emsisoft's Anti-Malware (as a rebrand by German retailer Aldi Nord). Having just installed the program, it now prompts me to download updates ("Updates werden heruntergeladen") and then tells me that it stopped updating due to being unable to find my freshly bought License Key in its databank ("Der Updatevorgang wurde abgebrochen. Ihr Lizenzkey wurde in der Datenbank nicht gefunden. Bitte besorgen Sie einen neuen.") What to do now? Would I be able to continue with checking the PC ("PC jetzt untersuchen") and then verify the License Key later. The silly thing is that within this dialogue prompted by Emsisoft's Anti-Malware, there's no possibility to go back one (or multiple) steps...
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