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  1. Hi Christian, Unfortunatly I had to dump EIS for EAM yesterday. EIS all of a sudden got buggy and would not open, tried several re-installs but same thing. Or the firewall would not work on re-installs.Maybe a buggy update?
  2. Myself I would like to be able to resize it to my taste, if possible of course
  3. Hello Fabian, Does not want to update to the new version, either Automatic or Manual.Is there a time delay between Europe and Canada?
  4. I have similar boot problems after the upgrade to but I don't have Malwarebytes installed on my computer in real time. What hapend here is the Icon from Emsisoft appear in the tray and the screen becomes black for at least 10 seconds, then it takes another 10-15 seconds before the rest of the Icons appear in the tray.
  5. Hello, I have the same problem, though it lasted only 2-3 seconds. Never bother with it.It's been there since I installed EAM last year. Most important EAM is working fine and no slow down.
  6. Hello Christian, I have a question regarding the exclusion of Online Armor processe in EAM After adding those four files (oacat,oahlp,oasrv and oaui) I did noticed after a while that the box "behavior blocker" was not thicked by default, Only "scanner and file guard" box are thicked. Any reason for that and would it be better to thick this box also? Thanks in advance for help
  7. O.K. third reboot was successful, problem is solved. No idea what was causing the hang up?
  8. Hello, Any idea if there are problems with the server today? Update never ends and computer is brought to a crawl in the mean time (unusable in fact) After 10 minutes it says: 2% 578kb of 31750 I tried to close the PC and restarted but same problem again Thanks for help
  9. Thanks Arthur for your answer, I was away for a couple of days and this morning when I did start my PC, everything is fine the icon is now showing again I will keep your suggestion in mind and if that happend again I will send the OTL. Thanks again for your help.
  10. Hello, Since yesterday every time I start my PC, the Icon tray is not there. If I check with msconfig, it does show that Emsisoft has started. I also tried to start Emsisoft manually but nothing, no Icon tray... Any idea what happend? Thanks
  11. Hi, this is strange because I have two computers,one Desktop and one Laptop, with EAM, and on both I did gain about 10 seconds boot speed since upgraded to v8. I am not using Microsoft security essentials tough...
  12. Many thanks for the tip Fabian.
  13. Good morning Fabian, Can you tell me if that built in hosts list is slowing down surfing? When I untick it, I had the impression that my surfing fast faster. But again, maybe it was only a impression.
  14. Thanks Christian, really appreciate the quick response.
  15. Hello, I have a valid key for Emisoft Anti-Malware version 6 until August 2013. Is this key valid for version 7? Thanks
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