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    A new beta build is available via online updates now.


    Changes in version compared to the previous version:


    • Fixed problem with multiple browser tabs when clicking web URLs.
    • Fixed updater problem that causes occasional hangs.


    Known issues:


    • EIS: Browsing might be slow with enabled firewall.
    • EIS: Main application may crash when disabling firewall.



    Hi Christian,


    Unfortunatly I had to dump EIS for EAM yesterday. EIS all of a sudden got buggy and would not open, tried several re-installs but  same thing. Or the firewall would not work on re-installs.Maybe a buggy update?

  2. I have similar boot problems after the upgrade to but I don't have Malwarebytes installed on my computer in real time. What hapend here is the Icon from Emsisoft appear in the tray and the screen becomes black for at least 10 seconds, then it takes another 10-15 seconds before the rest of the Icons appear in the tray. :(

  3. Hello all,


    I've installed and uninstalled EAM multiple times hoping this problem would be eventually solved. However, perhaps it's my individual computer. I'm not sure. I'm running Windows 7 64-bit with a quad core Intel processor and 16 GB of RAM.  When I'm booting my computer, before the welcome screen appears, this black screen shows up with a simple cursor. This can last from 5 to 15 seconds. It only happens when EAM is installed, although I have noticed this issue with a demo of Bit Defender as well. My first question is should I be concerned with this behavior? Secondly, is there any way to eliminate this issue? Let me know if you need any other information. Thanks!



    I have the same problem, though it lasted only 2-3 seconds. Never bother with it.It's been there since I installed EAM last year. Most important EAM is working fine and no slow down. :)




    Normally Online Armor and Emsisoft Anti-Malware are compatible with each other, and no action is required after installation to get them to work together without issues. In some rare instances, there may be some performance issues after installing both Online Armor and Emsisoft Anti-Malware, and since they do not automatically ignore each other's processes then these issues can be alleviated by manually adding those processes as exclusions.

    Here's how to exclude Online Armor in Emsisoft Anti-Malware:

    • Open Emsisoft Anti-Malware from the icon on the desktop.
    • Click Guard in the menu on the left.
    • Go to the File Guard tab.
    • In the lower-left corner, just above Alerts, click on the Manage whitelist link.
    • In the box under Type click the little down arrow and change it from File to Process (you may need to click in the box for the arrow appear).
    • Click in the white box below Item to make a button with three dots (...) appear, and then click the ... button.
    • Navigate to the Online Armor directory (usually C:\Program Files\Online Armor), and double-click on a file to add it.
    • Repeat the last 3 steps until each of the following files have been added to the list:
      • oacat
      • oahlp
      • oasrv
      • oaui
    • Click the OK button at the bottom when done, and close Emsisoft Anti-Malware.

    Here's how to exclude Emsisoft Anti-Malware in Online Armor:

    • Click on the Start button, go to All Programs, go to Online Armor, and click on the Online Armor icon to open it.
    • Click on Options in the menu on the left.
    • Go to the Exclusions tab.
    • Click on the Add button.
    • Use the little [+] and [-] icons to the left of folder names to open and close them, find the Emsisoft Anti-Malware directory (usually C:\Program Files\Emsisoft Anti-Malware), click on it to highlight it, and then click OK at the bottom.
    • Close the Online Armor window.

    Hello Christian,


    I have a question regarding the exclusion of Online Armor processe in EAM

    After adding those four files (oacat,oahlp,oasrv and oaui) I did noticed after a while that the box "behavior blocker" was not thicked by default, Only "scanner and file guard" box are thicked. Any reason for that and would it be better to thick this box also?

    Thanks in advance for help

  5. It shouldn't have any noticeable impact. What does have an impact though is the File Guard that can delay surfing quite a bit as in its default settings it will scan all files that are being cached by your browser. You can temporarily switch the File Guard to only scan files that are being executed instead of scanning files after they have been written to disk and see if that makes a noticeable difference.


    Many thanks for the tip Fabian. :)