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  1. Thanks for explanation.

    Would it be possible to reproduce this and get a set of debug logs?

    (Please make sure to reboot after enabling debug logging).

    (Thank you in advance).

    But again... did you make sure that you didn't test your router ?

    About what windows shows - there's a bug with displaying the status of our firewall module in the windows defender,

    so the information there isn't correct.

    I believe there will be a notice in the changelist when this will be fixed.

  2. On 5/31/2017 at 9:10 PM, m0unds said:

    I've also managed to replicate a similar situation on a fully patched machine running Win10 without the creators update.

    1. Installed EIS 7538
    2. Rebooted
    3. Verified EIS firewall profile for the network is set to private
    4. Execute port scan of the system, observe open ports (135,139,445,2869,3389,5357 - machine is behind NAT, RDP doesn't matter)
    5. Toggle firewall off in EIS, wait 30 seconds
    6. Execute port scan of the system, observe open ports again (135,139,445,2869,3389,5357)
    7. Toggle firewall back on and switch profile to "public network", wait 30 seconds
    8. Execute port scan of system, observe open ports again (135,139,445,2869,3389,5357)
    9. Reboot system with EIS still set to public network
    10. Execute portscan, all ports show closed/filtered


    Thank you for the input.

    EIS should block those ports for public networks only. Technically, when you switch the network type - you tell the firewall core

    which rules should be active. For example - rules blocking those tcp/udp ports are "enabled" for the public networks only.

    This means, that the rule should work for the public networks and shouldn't for the private ones.

    So, the ports being seen as open while in "private" network - is an expected situation.

    About the nmap.org and other tests from outside - did you make sure that you didn't actually test your router ?

    (by either connecting the system directly to the internet, or by setting up your router to forward the ports being tested)

  3. I reset the firewall to default settings just to be sure. Nothing changed. So I do not believe ping replies are disabled.



    Could you please tell me whether the network type is set to "public" in EIS settings ?

    You can see that at Protection->Firewall->Manage Networks.


    A screenshot of that dialog would be even better than just a reply ;)


    Thank you in advance,

  4. I've analyzed your dumps.


    The BSOD is caused by a bug in Windows.


    There's a hotfix available from MS:



    We recomment that you uninstall Emsisoft Internet Security, install the hotfix and then install

    Emsisoft Internet Security again.


    Please note that the download from Microsoft will not install the hotfix.

    It will attempt to extract the installer for the hotfix to your C: drive so that you can run it

    and install the hotfix, however this will fail unless you run the download from Microsoft as an Administrator.

    The easy way around this is to change where it extracts the hotfix installer to something like your desktop

    so that it is easy to find and doesn't need to be run as an Administrator,

    and then you should see the new file on your desktop to install the hotfix.


    If you need a link to download Emsisoft Internet Security when you reinstall it, then you can use the following link:

  5. Thanks. I haven't tried the beta because I just saw your post. I just got another BSOD doing the same thing. I press esc to exit the game to its menu screen and then alt-tab because it freezes and then I get the BSOD. It doesn't happen all the time though and didn't happen before the release of EIS 11. Let me know if you want the new dumps and if you still want me to try the beta even though the bsod is not repeatable every time I exit the game.



    It'd be great to take a look at the minidumps.

    Please upload them.


    Thank you in advance,

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