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  1. I'd not recommend to do this. First of all - it shouldn't be possible if OA's self-protection is enabled, but, even if it's disabled - you should not do this, because this can possibly result in system instability. If you want to stop OA - you can select "Close and shutdown online armor" from the OA's icon context menu. (If the context menu is not available you can set a hotkey for this action at Options->Hotkeys) If you don't want OA to start automatically - you can untick appropriate checkbox at Options->General
  2. Could you please post a screenshot showing the entries for directory opus in OA's Programs list? Thanks in advance,
  3. Hello Hermoder, Could you please send me a set of debug logs (covering the reproduced problem) ? How-to get the debug logs: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/3819-how-to-configure-online-armor-debug-logs/ Thank you in advance,
  4. Hello dallas7, Sorry you have problems with OA. Could you please create a crash dump for this oasrv.exe problem? (related KB article: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/3810-how-to-configure-automatic-crash-dumps-in-case-of-application-failures/) It would be also great if you could create a set of debug logs as described at http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/3819-how-to-configure-online-armor-debug-logs/ Thank you in advance,
  5. If you think that OA++ does not detect eicar test file - please feel free to create a separate topic at http://support.emsisoft.com/forum/53-online-armor/ Please make sure to include all the information requested at http://support.emsisoft.com/forum-49/announcement-11-information-to-include-in-your-support-request/ Thank you in advance,
  6. If you're running Premium or ++ editions - you can try updating from the "General" page (just click the link ) If you're running Free edition - you'd need to do an upgrade install.
  7. Hello Koosharem, 1) The gray color means the file is absent (deleted or is not accessible by other means like it's a currently not available remote file, etc.) The other overlay you're referring to is actually orange (if it's the color from the screenshot attached to your post) and it means "Unknown" Trust Status. If you're referring to the real yellow color - it means that the entry with this background is an installer. 2) It depends on the circumstances the entries were detected. 3) The Allow button changes the "Allow type" of the selected entries to "Allow". This means that the related
  8. Please take a look at: http://www.emsisoft.com/en/info/oa/Options.html#exclusions I think the other security software you have installed has exclusions as well
  9. Hello Lizardking, Could you please tell us the information requested at http://support.emsisoft.com/forum-53/announcement-11-information-to-include-in-your-support-requests/ Thanks in advance,
  10. Hello Koosharem, Looks like something went wrong during update. You can try what hackerman1 suggests to do. Please also make sure your security software is excluded from each others' control.
  11. Hello Brooks, Unfortunately Online Armor does not support server operating systems. It was supporting Windows 2000 Server in the past, but the support for this system was dropped long time ago. Btw, please include the information requested in the http://support.emsisoft.com/forum-53/announcement-11-information-to-include-in-your-support-requests/ another "btw": you can set the firewall logging to "blocked events" at Options->Firewall and then inspect the firewall log for blocked events. Another way is to take a look at the history, but most likely the firewall log will tell more)
  12. Hi Nick, This service is not required for OA to start. btw, please read http://support.emsisoft.com/index.php?app=forums&module=extras&section=boardrules (Point #10) Thanks in advance,
  13. You're welcome) Well... dunno how it happened) at least OA doesn't modify this service's params. Maybe you used some kind of optimization tool or something like that?
  14. Hello Domi34, I guess this problem is not related to the OA version. Do you have termservice (Terminal Services) disabled? (you can check this by executing "sc query termservice") btw, just in case: There's French support section at: http://support.emsisoft.com/forum/15-french-support-assistance-francaise/
  15. Dear aboulay, Unfortunately, Online Armor does not support server OSs at all. It can be run at your own risk on XP SP3+ (Server 2k3+) systems, but, again - server operating systems are NOT supported.
  16. Hello hornster, Do you have "Block traffic during system boot" feature enabled?
  17. Hello Nick, Generally I'd add the whole OA directory in order to make sure nothing would go wrong in future. But, the list is: 1) oaui.exe 2) oasrv.exe 3) oadump.exe 4) oamine.exe 5) oarau.exe 6) oascan.exe
  18. Congrats) I think the automatic updates (we've included them in free version some time ago) would make you even happier This means you don't need to do upgrade installs, but just check for updates... btw, it's recommended to set automatic updates at Options->General to daily...
  19. Blocking a program from starting is not the same as blocking it from starting automatically. Therefor, it's being blocked because it's blocked from starting, but the related autorun entry is still allowed.
  20. Great) thanks for the info (and thanks to Cat for asking for the info:)) @is69m: Could you please enable debug mode as described at http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/3819-how-to-configure-online-armor-debug-logs/ , reboot, reproduce the issue and send a zipped copy of the "Logs" folder (located in the directory you installed Online Armor to) to oasupport (at) emsisoft (dot) com with a link to this thread somewhere in the email message? (Please make sure to disable the debug mode after you'll collect the logs, 'cause they can get very large after some time...) Thank you in advance
  21. Please provide the information requested at: http://support.emsisoft.com/forum-53/announcement-11-information-to-include-in-your-support-requests/
  22. Hello Chachou, Sorry you're having troubles... Could you please take a look if you have oahlp.exe running the next time this problem'd appear? Thanks in advance
  23. 1) What's the MD5 (or SHA1) hash of the file you received via the updates? 2) What's the MD5 (or SHA1) hash of the file you got after performing an upgrade install?
  24. Hi Acadia, There's a new release available: The issue you reported the last time is fixed with this release.
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