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  1. Well... Maybe a tool like the one from Microsoft: http://oca.microsoft.com/en/windiag.asp Or, if you don't have enough skills - maybe taking your pc to some computer shop that provides hardware diagnosis services would help ? Best regards, Andrey.
  2. Hi chitgurl, I've taken a look at the dumps you submitted. Most of the dumps were referring to memory corruption. Could you please check if your RAM is ok ? Looks like it's a hardware error. Best regards, Andrey.
  3. Hi, Do you get the same error when visiting https://www.online-armor.com ? Best regards, Andrey.
  4. Hi chitgurl, I will take a look at the dumps you submitted and will post back. Thanks for submission IDs Best regards, Andrey.
  5. Hi Nick, Please check your PMs Thanks in advance, Best regards, Andrey.
  6. Hi Everyone, The problem is fixed) Thanks for reporting. Best regards, Andrey.
  7. Hi Acadia, I'll tell you if/when it'll be fixed Best regards Andrey.
  8. Hi Mark, Sorry you have troubles with OA. Would you like to try a beta version of OA ? If so - please send me a pm. Thanks in advance, Best regards, Andrey.
  9. Hi PhilB, The fastest would be via a PM. (Personal Message) Though, if you'd like, - there's another way - send it to oasupport (at) emsisoft (dot) com with a link to this thread in the email body. Thanks in advance, Best regards, Andrey.
  10. Hi PhilB, Could you please pm me your license key, so I'd be able to take a look if anything is wrong with it? Thanks in advance, Best regards, Andrey.
  11. I guess it's called "Exclusions". Exclusions located at the "Options->Exclusions"
  12. You are using outdated version of Online Armor. The latest release version if Could you please PM me your key, so I'd be able to take a look at why OA does not update automatically for you? Best regards, Andrey.
  13. Thanks for reporting We'll take this in account. Though, you're right - it's not of the highest priority. As for the shaping the popups - nice idea. But maybe it'd be better to identify popups' type by some image somewhere on the popup.
  14. Go to "Domains" and add "javadl.sun.com" as trusted. (or maybe even *.sun.com). You can read more about "Domains" page at: http://www.emsisoft.com/en/info/oa/Domains.html Best regards, Andrey.
  15. It will not be showing with the next release. Best regards, Andrey.
  16. Thanks for reporting As for the beta - I'll pm you the link as soon as the next beta will pass initial testing. Best regards, Andrey.
  17. Would you like to try the latest beta version of OA? Best regards, Andrey.
  18. Do you have Bit Defender excluded in OA and OA in Bit Defender ? If not - please exclude them from each other
  19. As I can see - you're running Windows XP. There's not prompt for OA's driver installation on XP. Best regards, Andrey.
  20. Hi newboy192, Could you please enable debug mode (Options->General->tick the "Enable debug mode" checkbox), reboot (or restart OA) and send me the logs (located in the "Logs" directory in OA's folder) to oasupport (at) emsisoft (dot) com. Please include the link to this thread somewhere in your message body. Thanks in advance, Best regards, Andrey.
  21. Hi newboy192, Could you please post a screenshot of grayed-out Web Shield? EDIT: overlooked you mentioned you have SP3 installed sorry Thanks in advance, Best regards, Andrey.
  22. Please pm me your key(s) if you still need help. Thanks in advance, Best regards, Andrey.
  23. Dear Magus, Sorry you have troubles installing OA. As a workaround you can try clicking "Stop" button as soon as the Safety Check Wizard'd get to the "Start menu" scan. We are currently working on this problem. Sincerely, Andrey. P.S. Would you like to join our ongoing OA beta testing? If you'd like to - please send a pm to Fabian Wosar with information requested at http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/2679-current-beta-tests/. Thanks in advance
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