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  1. I'll take a more precise look into this issue. Though, for now it seems to be a problem with the protection code of this screensaver. Best regards, Andrey.
  2. Just another thought (assuming your are a developer) : Wouldn't it help saving time if you'd exclude the output path for the applications you develop ?
  3. When you recompile a program you receive not the same program, but a program located at the same path as before but with a different checksum. The purpose of HIPS is to detect such changes, so a malware wouldn't be able to trick you by replacing/altering a well-known/previously-known program. So, when you recompile a program you've previously allowed keylogging (or some other) behavior for - it's normal that you'd receive prompts about the same behavior for the program with different checksum because in fact it's not the same program, but a program located at the same path with the same name.
  4. Could you please tell me these programs' names and/or post download links, so I'd be able to reproduce your findings? Besides this - are you 100% sure that you received popups for the same actions of the same (not changed) programs even though you (presumably) ticked "Trust" and/or "Remember" checkboxes in OA prompts when answering them? Please also provide a list of other security software installed on your system and your system details (OS version, including SP version if any). Thanks in advance, Best regards, Andrey.
  5. Setting a program to trusted would allow its actions without prompts. If you want to be prompted - you can allow some its actions via answering appropriate OA prompts (popups) btw, did you tick "Remember my decision" checkbox before clicking allow?
  6. Guys, anyone who gets popups for the same actions about the same executables (which were told to be remembered and allowed) - please post screenshots. We can not see what's happening on your systems...
  7. Could you please try rebooting after applying the exclusions (just in case)? Though, I do not recommend adding the C:\Windows\SysWow64 folder to exclusions, but for testing purposes it's ok.
  8. If this screensaver is installed in a separate folder like "C:\program files\screensaver\" then you can exclude this folder in OA. To exclude a folder from OA's control - please go to "Options->Exclusions" and add the folder there. Please make sure you have "include subfolders" ticked for the newely added entry. Best regards, Andrey.
  9. Hi NightHawk, You can try excluding the screensaver in OA. Best regards, Andrey.
  10. Hi Ollsbols, Could you please go to Options->Firewall, tick the "Additional debug info" checkbox, reproduce the issue and send me your firewall logs (located at "oa folder\logs") to oasupport (at) emsisoft (dot) com? Please include the link to this thread in your message. Thanks in advance, Best regards, Andrey.
  11. Hi Alycat, Could you please get some screenshots for the reappearing popups for the same actions of the same executables and send them to oasupport (at) emsisoft (dot) com. Thank you in advance, Best regards, Andrey.
  12. Hi Harsha, Could you please collect some debug logs for this problem if it'd be still reproducible? Thanks in advance, Best regards, Andrey.
  13. It'd be great if you'd check if you have anything set to "Unknown" in the Programs list now
  14. Just interesting: Does your phone shows up in OA's computers list? If it's there - please make sure it's trusted.
  15. These kernel events are related to OA's self protection. There's nothing to worry about.
  16. Could you please tell me the file shield rules' settings you have?
  17. Do you have any file shield rules set for the locations you're trying to save files in? Or, do you have anything listed as not trusted in the Programs list in OA ?
  18. Could you please try adding NFS3 folder to exclusions, rebooting your pc and the taking a look if the NFS'd run faster? Thanks in advance, Best regards, Andrey.
  19. Hi Baserk, The is being given out via automatic updates (for paid/trial licenses). However, the only difference is a glitch that was fixed in .1100 and put on updates. There's no difference in security between .1100 and .1097. The binaries (executables) that are available via automatic updates are all the same with exception to oaui.exe which is different. Best regards, Andrey.
  20. Did you setup exclusions for Avast! in OA and for OA in Avast! ?
  21. Hi AlanB, Could you please tell me the list of other security software installed and your OS details? Thanks in advance, Best regards, Andrey.
  22. Hi erniemink, Sorry you have problems with OA. As a workaround you can click "stop" button as soon as OA gets to the "Exploring start menu" step. As for the issue - could you please provide details about your OS and pm me your system information file? (.nfo) Thanks in advance, Best regards, Andrey.
  23. Many thanks) Waiting for the video... btw, it'd be great if you'd enable debug logging before reproducing the problem If you'd not be able to do this via GUI (Options->General, tick the "Enable debug mode" checkbox) then you can try to shutdown OA and create an empty file in OA folder called "oamain.dbg" (without quotes). After the issue would be reproduced - please zip the contents of "Logs" directory (located at the OA directory) and send it to me too please Thanks in advance, Best regards, Andrey.
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