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  1. You can pm me your key and I will take a look Best regards, Andrey.
  2. Hi pandorax, Could you please pm me your license key? Thanks in advance, Best regards, Andrey.
  3. Hi blue.lake, Could you please send the video to oasupport (at) emsisoft (dot) com ? Or pm me a link to it. Thanks in advance, Best regards, Andrey.
  4. Could you please get some debug logs and send them to oasupport (at) emsisoft (dot) com with a link to this thread somewhere in the message body? The "how to" about retrieving debug logs can be found at: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/2999-debug-mode-logs-how-to-get-them/ Please make sure to reboot after you've enabled debug logging and before you'll reproduce the issue. Thanks in advance, Best regards, Andrey.
  5. What OS are you using? Did you try trusting executables (including .dll files) related to NFS3 in OA ?
  6. Open Online Armor Configuration, go to Programs->Options and untick the "Contact OASIS in realtime" checkbox.
  7. As far as I can see you did not register an account at https://www.online-armor.com/register.html or you didn't add your key to your account. Please register an account if you don't have one and add your key to the account. Then you'll be able to reset a key if the installation limit will be exceeded.
  8. Hi, Please email your key to oasupport (at) emsisoft (dot) com. I'll take a look at what's wrong with it. Sounds like you're using free version instead of paid one... Best regards, Andrey.
  9. I didn't say you should Could you please provide a download link to the software you're having troubles with? Please also provide your OS details (version, etc.) and a list of other security software installed. Thanks in advance, Best regards, Andrey.
  10. Hi trujwin, Thanks for testing and reporting and for your kind words:) Could you please tell me your OS details? (including sp version if any) Could you please also tell me if you had any other security software installed at the time of testing besides OA ? Thank you in advance, Best regards, Andrey.
  11. Well, maybe try excluding and then rebooting?
  12. Just a thought - maybe if you'd wait a bit longer - the GUI'd become responsive again? Best regards, Andrey.
  13. Not reproducible here. Could you please try a clean install ? Please add OA's folder to Avira's Scanner & Guard exclusions lists and Avira's folder to OA's exclusions list. Thank you in advance, Best regards, Andrey.
  14. Hi George_S, Sorry you're having troubles. First of all I'd add the whole Online Armor folder to Avira's exclusions and Avira's folder into exclusions in OA. I'll try to reproduce this problem. Thanks for the report. Best regards, Andrey.
  15. Hi alexo2003, Could you please get some logs and send them to oasupport (at) emsisoft (dot) com (please include the link to this topic in your email). Best regads, Andrey. P.S. OA does not automatically trust each digitally signed program. UPDATE: Installed the 2GIS and answered the same popups you've answered, then closed the 2GIS and restarted it - the popups did not occur for the same modules. alexo2003, are you sure that the popups were for the same modules and not for the modules with just same names? Just a guess - maybe 2GIS just got updated and you've needed to answer the popup
  16. Thanks for the report. Will be fixed soon. Best regards, Andrey.
  17. Are you sure it's really about the same application? Best regards, Andrey.
  18. Thanks for the information. As you are a translator and have access to the bug tracker - please submit a bug report. Best regards, Andrey.
  19. Hi Shader, You can try adding appropriate trusted entires at the "Domains" page for the urls shown on such popups (if you're sure that the sites are ok). Best regards, Andrey.
  20. Hi PeZzy, Could you please tell us your OS version/name and what other security software you have installed? Thanks in advance, Best regards, Andrey.
  21. Hi Daylight, You can do an upgrade install if you'd like to. 1) Do you have logs (for oasrv & oarau) for the update problem? 2) Zemana's digital signature is trusted by OA. You need to go to Programs, locate the executable related to the key-logger test and mark it as "unknown" by clicking "Untrust" button. Best regards, Andrey.
  22. Hi ShaneCS, Please check the programs list (OA Configuration->Programs), - all entries related to Thunderbird should be allowed and trusted. It'd be also good to check the "Keyloggers" page in case something related to Thunderbird is blocked. Please note, that there should be numerous entries related to Thunderbird in the Programs list, not only the Thuderbird.exe. Have a nice day, Best regards, Andrey.
  23. From your screenshots: you have excluded oahlp.exe and oaui.exe. These are two GUI-related processes. You'd need to exclude other OA executable files (or even better - exclude the whole "Online Armor" directory). Best regards, Andrey.
  24. Could you please try reactivating OA with your key? Thanks in advance, Best regards, Andrey.
  25. I think you'd need to reinstall Windows. Online Armor does not work in Safe Mode, so if you can't log into Safe Mode then uninstalling OA would not help you getting your back your system. Best regards, Andrey.
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