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  1. Hello, Sorry you're having issues. The dumps you attached show "athrx.sys" as the driver which caused the bsod. It's not a part of EIS.
  2. Hello, Could you please enable debug logs in OA, reproduce the issue and send an archive with debug logs via pm ? Please take a look at how to configure debug logs (if you don't know how to do this) : http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/3819-how-to-configure-online-armor-debug-logs/ Thank you in advance,
  3. Hello, Could you please try to reproduce the issue and PM me debug logs ? You can find the instructions how to do this at: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/14699-how-to-configure-emsisoft-anti-malware-and-emsisoft-internet-security-debug-logs/ Thank you in advance,
  4. Hello, I mentioned the beta updates as, by default, a clean installation of either EIS or EAM does not have this option enabled. We found and fixed the issue anyways, so it should work even without beta updates option enabled.
  5. Hello, Could you please enable beta updates (in EIS), check for updates and take a look whether EIS'd work after this ? Thank you in advance,
  6. Hello, Logs are appreciated in any case And thanks for the hint about ipv6 traffic.
  7. Hello, Could you please enable debug logging, reproduce the issue and attach an archive with debug logs to your next reply? Information about debug logging in EAM/EIS: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/14699-how-to-configure-emsisoft-anti-malware-and-emsisoft-internet-security-debug-logs/ Thank you in advance,
  8. Hello, This is not a bug at all. OA checks the external IP from time to time. Therefor it's possible to see an outdated information about external IP right after you connect to a CyberGhost VPN server.
  9. Hello, is not a beta. It's been released as stable.
  10. Hello Everyone, First of all - there were no program updates the last days besides the signature updates in OA. The signature updates just couldn't give such a compatibility issue. Secondly - did anyone try to exclude OA in MSE (and MSE in OA) ? I do not have any issues running them on w7 if I set the exclusions. (The proper way is to exclude oasrv.exe, oaui.exe, oahlp.exe, oacat.exe in MSE's "excluded processes", OA's folder in MSE's "excluded folders"; and to exclude the whole MSE folder in OA) And, the last thing - please do not hijack other memeber's threads. This is vs. the forum ToS. Thank you in advance,
  11. Hello, Do you have a minidump for the crash? The minidumps are usually located at "c:\windows\minidump" folder. If you have some for this crash - could you please zip them and attach the resulting archive to a reply? (Or send the archive to me via a PM) Thank you in advance,
  12. Hello, You can exclude certain folders at Options->Exclusions in OA.
  13. Ok,thanks in advance Please note the steps 2 and 3 - this way you'll make sure the logs contain information about the executables OA detected, their trust/allow statuses, etc.
  14. Hello Zen Seeker, Can I ask you to reproduce the problem with debug mode enabled and send me a zipped "Logs" folder via pm? If so: 1) Please enable debug mode by going to "Options->General" and ticking the "Enable debug mode" checkbox. 2) Close & shutdown Online Armor 3) Start Online Armor 4) reproduce the issue 5) Zip the contents of the "Logs" directory (it's located in the folder you installed OA to). Please note, that you'd probably need to close & shutdown OA in order to be able to access the contents of the logs folder. 6) Send me the zip archive via PM. Thank you in advance,
  15. Sorry, but you said that you have disabled File guard in OA and that solved the problem. Not that you have disabled file guard in EAM. Could you please clarify, what did you actually disable? Thank you in advance,
  16. Hello, Could you please send a screenshot of the File guard rules you have? Thank you in advance,
  17. Do you have all your security software mutually excluded?
  18. Do you mean you had a blue screen? (BSOD) If so - could you please PM me a zipped minidump? Thank you in advance,
  19. Hello, You should be able to run the uninstaller from safe mode.
  20. Dear German_HocKK, Sorry for the troubles you're experiencing with Online Armor. I would appreciate if you'd find a minute and create a standalone topic (either here or in russian sub-forum) with a detailed description of your problem, including the following information: 1) OS Version including Service pack version (if any) 2) Version of OA you have installed 3) Your internet connection type: a) Wired/Wireless b) Your internet connection details like whether it's a vpn connection and so on 4) Steps to reproduce the problem you're experiencing 5) List of other security/backup software installed (including version information of each) It'd be greate if you'd send me a system information file (.nfo) via PM. Thank you in advance,
  21. Thank you. Could you please do the following: 1) Make sure "Additional debug info" checkbox is ticked (located at Options->Firewall, visible in Advanced mode) 2) Make sure "Logging level" is set to "both" (located at Options->Firewall) 3) Reboot 4) Reproduce the issue 5) PM me the firewall logs. Thank you in advance,
  22. Hello, Could you please produce firewall logs covering the issue? (Please make sure to enable "Additional debug info" feature at Options->Firewall in Advanced mode) Thank you in advance,
  23. Hello, In OA Premium you can specify hotkeys for some actions (including "Block all network traffic") http://www.emsisoft.com/en/info/oa/Options.shtml
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