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  1. Hello, Well... the easiest way is to just run the uninstaller. However, because the drivers are running the OS won't be able to remove several LEGACY_* entries from the registry. If you don't mind these - just run the uninstaller. If you do - run from safe mode.
  2. OA works in different ways on XP and Vista (and above) systems. On XP OA does not require a network component to be installed per adapter (that's what shown in adapters' settings as "OA helper driver"), though the actual driver is in place on both systems. It just works in a different way.
  3. oaui.exe and oahlp.exe are the "gui processes" needed for interaction with the user. They're being started for each logged-in user. It is normal to have 2 instances of each (one per logged-in user). The oasrv.exe and oacat.exe are services and run under the SYSTEM account
  4. Hello, The history is being cleaned up in 3 cases: 1) In case you specify to clean it on reboot 2) In case there're old entries which should be deleted (age of particular entries is > than the number of days to keep them) 3) In case the history file gets too large - this automatically deletes older entries on each try of adding a new one.
  5. OA is available via updates only.
  6. OA installer should not be set to run in any compatibility mode (as well as all the executable files it installs). Could you please try to remove that setting for the installer and see if after re-installing OA your troubles with FF would be reproducible? Thank you in advance,
  7. Hello, Online Armor disables the Windows Firewall (by default). Though, if you'd find any issue with having both enabled - please feel free to report it. Thank you in advance,
  8. Did you have Adobe Read marked as "Trusted" in OA Programs ?
  9. This one too Actually I thought about connectivity loss and oasrv.exe taking too much CPU time.
  10. Could you please untick the "Intercept loopback interface" checkbox and try to reproduce the problem again? Thanks in advance,
  11. What are the firewall logging settings you have? (at Options->Firewall page)
  12. Hello Rizz, Could you please provide the information requested at: http://support.emsisoft.com/forum-53/announcement-11-information-to-include-in-your-support-requests/ Thank you in advance,
  13. Thanks for getting back with info. The security center issue is a known one and will be fixed later (as far as I know )
  14. Hello Rizz, You should exclude every .exe and .dll file in OA folder.
  15. Hello Thewolf, Would they show up if you'd tick the "Always show all icons and notifications" in systray icon settings?
  16. Hello Thewolf, Do you mean that after you install OA the icons in the system tray loose their placement? Or, do you mean that w7 does not remember settings about both OA tray icons? (shield + traffic icons)
  17. Hello Thewolf, Could you please tell me what other security software you have installed on your system? Thank you in advance,
  18. Hello fliptrickhoedown, This is permanent. Is there any need to run the wizard manually (after installation) ?
  19. Hello, The button was removed in
  20. Dear Kathy J, Could you please send me the server.dat & fwdata.dat files (located at OA folder) via PM? (and a short list of domains you were able to access while the should had been not accessible) Please note that you'd need to close & shutdown OA in order to get access to these 2 files. Thank you in advance,
  21. I was able to reproduce the issue and, as soon as I'll find the source of the problem - I'll get it fixed. However, the problem should not occur if the oawatch.dll wouldn't be loaded into the Database4.exe process. (This can be achieved by excluding the folder the database4.exe located at and rebooting.) Could you please try reproducing the issue having HIPS features of OA enabled and the folder the database4.exe located at excluded in OA ? Thank you in advance,
  22. Hello madith, Could you please make sure that Database4.exe file is marked as "Trusted" (green) at OA Configuration->Programs page? If the executable is marked "Trusted" the issue is not reproducible.
  23. Hello madeinlisboa, Could you please provide the information requested at: http://support.emsisoft.com/forum-49/announcement-11-information-to-include-in-your-support-request/ ? Thank you in advance,
  24. btw, if you have a "Not Trusted" (red) entry for fpb.tmp (at some location) in programs then a new fpb.tmp (at a different location, but with the same hash) would be marked "Not Trusted" too. To avoid this you should not have any "Not Trusted" entries for fpb.tmp in programs.
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