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  1. The BSOD is not related to OA. It's because of Avast's WebRep ie x64 plugin. I've already reported this issue to Avast some time ago.
  2. Hello amspeedy, Sorry you have troubles renewing OA, I've told our support about your problem. They should get back to you as soon as they'll read my message. Thanks in advance for your patience,
  3. Hello qwerty, Would unticking "Filter invalid MAC addresses" checkbox (at Options->Firewall) help you with this issue?
  4. Do you have "Intercept loopback interface" ticked? (at Options->Firewall) Would unticking this option help you with the issue?
  5. Hello 1eyedjack, Do you have "Launch Online Armor at next startup" checkbox ticked at Options->General in OA configuration?
  6. Hello madith, Could you please add me to the PM conversation you sent to GT500? He can't decrypt the logs without me anyways Thank you in advance,
  7. Hello madith, Could you please try excluding the foloder of the program in OA, rebooting and running the program again? Thank you in advance,
  8. Dear mikeaja, First of all: OA has got more protection modules than just a firewall. This is clearly stated on the product page (with the list of features available in each of OA edition) - http://www.online-armor.com/products.php Secondly, the anonymous usage information is described at OA webhelp at http://www.emsisoft.com/en/info/oa/Options.shtml Another thing is that the data collected is used in all editions (including Free edition) of Online Armor, so your statement is not correct. oasrv is the main service of OA, so it's used not only in Firewall module, but in other protection modules as well. About high resource usage you're experiencing: As you stated - this happens in case you already have other applications running, so, this could be result of these applications doing the things that are monitored to keep your system protected. I'd suggest you read the available information before complaining. Thank you in advance and feel free to ask for help,
  9. Hello, Could you please check if the issue would still be reproducible on your side with the latest OA updates installed? (Please check for updates if you don't have OA installed as yet) Thank you in advance,
  10. Hello dallas7, You have firewall logging set to "All activity", don't you?
  11. good to know it's working for you
  12. No idea. I do not track changes made to Adobe Flash
  13. Thanks for verifying temp files creation is not caused by OA. This is just how adobe flash works.
  14. v is just a bugfix for long-existent issue with ie and adobe flash (as stated in the changelist). Sorry for confusion, but the banking mode thing will come a bit later.
  15. Your programs list shows that the fpb.tmp is Trusted (I guess it's because you answered appropriate popup with allow+trust+remember). Would the popup re-occur on the next iexplore startup?
  16. It should stay at this version if you don't have "Beta updates" ticked )
  17. Hello pcuk, Could you please post a screenshot of device manager showing these unknown devices? Thank you in advance,
  18. Just a bit of info: you can untick the "Beta updates" checkbox as the fix has been released to stable updates.
  19. Hello screeno, The fix has been released to stable updates. You can just check for updates and see if the problem'd be fixed for you
  20. Hello mikeaja, Could you please post a screenshot of the taskmanager showing the OA process taking too much CPU ? (I do not believe it's oasrv, 'cause you say the firewall works fine without it running and this is simply impossible without oasrv.exe) About information collection: The only information OA collects is the anonymous (which means the personal info like your user name, etc. is not included) information about the programs you have installed with their behaviors, dll imports/exports (lists of the functions a particular executable file imports or exports), whether or not the file was allowed/trusted, file's hashes (md5, sha1, sha256), file's digital signature information, version information from the versioninfo resource section of particular file. Thank you for the screenshot in advance,
  21. Hello armlocks101, Sorry for delayed reply. Do you have Avast! WebRep plugin for IE installed?
  22. You're welcome:) About beta updates: it's up to you to decide, 'cause beta updates can contain bugs. Another thing is that if you uncheck "Beta updates" then OA'd downgrade itself to the latest public release which is
  23. Hello Amepro, Sorry for this issue. You can fix it either by re-activating OA with your license or by downloading beta updates (just tick the "Beta updates" checkbox at Options->General and check for updates).
  24. You're welcome. About mbam: maybe contact its developers ?
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