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  1. Hello akm, The dump analysis has shown 2 things: 1) The BSOD (blue screen) was most likely caused by mbam.sys driver which is a part of MBAM (I believe ) 2) You're using an unsupported OS (Windows XP SP2), so you won't be able to fully use OA because of lack of needed system components available in XP SP3.
  2. Hello akm, Thanks for the photo. But, I need the actual dump file(s) (yes, those in C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\) in order to see if it's caused by OA or not. Thank you in advance,
  3. Hello akm, Could you please post the crash dump here (or send it to me via PM) ? You can found information about how to configure and/or get crash dumps at: http://support.emsis...f-blue-screens/ (Please make sure to enable "minidumps", not the full memory dumps ) Thanks in advance,
  4. It should. Though, if you want to take a look if your choice'd be remembered (regarding fpb.tmp file) then this isn't a good idea
  5. Glad it's working for you) Please keep in mind that the beta version can contain bugs But, if you'd encounter any - please feel free to report them. Thanks in advance,
  6. Could you please try closing iexplore after using it for a while for your normal browsing (or for whatever you use IE ) ? (One of the dumps mentions that the BSOD occured in iexplore.exe context) Thanks in advance,
  7. Please also keep in mind that the OA version available via beta updates is a beta software. I mean it can have bugs
  8. Hello armlocks101, Sorry you have troubles with OA. Could you please tell me the steps to reproduce the BSOD? Could you please also tell me what other security software do you have running in realtime besides OA? Thank you in advance,
  9. Hello Snazzy269, Could you please check for beta updates, then delete all the program rules related to adobe flash and try to reproduce the issue? (You should get only a few popups and the choice should be remembered if you'd answer them with "Trust" + "Allow" + "Remember") The feature that covers the vulnerability in adobe flash installer is also released via beta updates. Though, we'll remove the adobe cert from the blacklist only after the beta will be tested for some time. Thanks in advance,
  10. Could you please check for beta updates and then verify that if you'd "Trust" this dll once - it's being trusted later too? (in other words - you'd get only 1 popup in which you'd select "Trust" + "Remember" + "Allow") Thanks in advance,
  11. Your system information file shows that you still got some mcaffee drivers installed and running
  12. Hello pcuk, Do you have anything by McAffee installed ?
  13. Hello nami-chan, Could you please do the following: 1) Close & shutdown OA 2) Copy the oacached.dat and oacached.dat.bak files from the OA folder somewhere 3) Remove the original oacached.dat and oacached.dat.bak files from the OA folder 4) Try to reproduce the problem 5) Tell me the results Thanks in advance,
  14. Hello a256886572008, Could you please send me the sample via PM ? Thanks in advance,
  15. There's a beta update that fixes the red popups. However, for now OA'd be generating "orange" popups, because the Adobe certificate is blacklisted.
  16. Hello kupo, The history entry is ok. It tells that the SuRun.exe was trying to open process oaui.exe (and was denied to). OA should work ok without elevated privileges, so there's no need to bother with SuRun (imho).
  17. Hello, Sorry for delayed reply. The logs were received. We'll address this issue in the next release. Thanks for your time and patience,
  18. Thank you for the info. Could you please tell me if you set the exclusions for the SandboxIE in OA, exclusions for OA in Avast, etc? Thank you in advance,
  19. Hello peereli, Could you please provide information requested at http://support.emsisoft.com/forum-53/announcement-11-information-to-include-in-your-support-requests/ ? As about the problem - there should be reason for any activity, so do you have your other security software excluded in OA and vice versa? Thank you in advance,
  20. Hello rc91, Sorry you have troubles with Online Armor. Could you please give us the minidump located in the %Windows%\Minidump folder? Anothing thing - do you have Virtual Box installed? Thank you in advance,
  21. Is there any need to run more than 1 firewall and more than 1 av in realtime at the same time?
  22. Hello ams963, Could you please tell me what security/backup software you have installed on the system you have troubles with RunSafer ? (the whole list please) Thank you in advance,
  23. "OA Helper Driver" is one of the OA's network components.
  24. Hello zercomnexus, Sorry you're experiencing troubles. Could you please take a look if you have any Online Armor network components listed in your network adapters' properties ? (You can find adapters' properties at: Network & Sharing center -> Change adapter settings -> right-click the each adapter listed there) If there're any OA'related network components listed in particular network adapters' properties window - could you please try unchecking them and taking a look if this would help to solve your issue? Thank you in advance,
  25. Have you tried reactivating your Online Armor installation with the same key?
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