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  1. forever can you recommend me some undetectable adblocker? some sites detect adblocker
  2. i am quarantine that files and delete but tons of computers will be infected
  3. Before 5 minuts i update JAVA and EAM block this two tmp files : MSI492.tmp and MSID03B.tmp (Behavior/codeInjector) i cant believe that JAVA is not secure
  4. i got tons of luck because i use EAM.sometimes i search for new games,emulators,pluggins etc,and EAM find very big number of all kind af malwares,and block alot sites.My stupid friend got Avast and he got spyware toolbars and all what is blocked on my PC.He reinstall windows 7 and install again all malicious files .Thank you for this software because i newer dont need to reinstall my system .
  5. wow you have answer for all,thank you prof
  6. hey man THANKS ALOT ALOT but why i cant find VPN for IPv6.IPv4 is not actuall like IPv6? or i ask stupid question ?
  7. Shadow i use free SSTP VPN maked by Microsoft but VPN is just illusion? i am riht?
  8. Kaspersky is found virus Fire,i believe that NSA got unkown to us technology.Some people can anything to spy enything,i dont know how but in twenty-first century that is very possible,thanks for answer Elise madam
  9. I dont know is this true but i heard on TV that NSA is make very strong computer worms to spyng Franch computers and other countryes.Can anyone found that super worms???
  10. when i want whatch some movie or play games some web sites say: we detected ad-block software,please disable.After disable ad-blocker tons of pop-upo windows and advertisement sites show up.Can that pop-ups contain malware maybe'?
  11. now i have version and it works perfect! thankssssss
  12. ok boss,i newer take beta updates,but if you say i will take ,thanks
  13. Wherever i go on internet EAM and Adblock plus blocking advertisement and tracking cookies.Who makes all that tracking sites and why someone want to know which i or millions other people visit some sites on Internet???? Is Internet maked to track people because i found tracking domains everywhere
  14. thats not normal,and i use Cyberghost VPN but really hide my IP,hem job is too make yourprivacy,i have another problem with that program,new Cyberghost 5 requirement Internet Explorer 8 ,and when you have IE 8 every time when Windows take update he take new version of Internet Explorer ( 9 or 10 ) I hate when someone make new version worse than last.
  15. Sometimes when i reboot PC Emsisoft Anti malware say this massage: A major problem prevents application start.The Anti-malware Guard Can´t connect to the service application.Please reboot your PC and try again or contact support if the problem remains. Unfortunately,problem remains
  16. but on the piratebay exist trusted users with green death head,we all there download files of thta users,and i have EAM,why i asked anything,EAM can detect anything and im right
  17. torrents are not illegal because thepiratebay is very very popular site,but i will not download games,thank you for help
  18. i play games alot and i just want ask is that safe,because maybe malware can be on game or that is not true,if my question is stupid sorry
  19. Elise i got one question.I try to install one software from ParetoLogic Inc. and EAM block hem.EAM say he try to change autorun...every software from paretoLogic.com try to change autoruns.. :/ please chek this because its not just one software,Its every software
  20. you desrwe place on virustotal.com,1 place
  21. keylogger(dot)com is after scanning on Virustotal.com very malicious.But Kaspersky say new java exploit is founded.I read security news here http://www.securelist.com/en/blog (Central Tibetan Administration Website Strategically Compromised as Part of Watering Hole Attack)- in that message writes 2 sites are bad. Tibet(dot)net and xsizang-zhiye(dot)org. That massage writes Kaspersky Lab Experts,its not joke or someting like that
  22. EAM is found backdoor in openvpn.exe in spotflux software i know when someting is free is malicious in 90% times
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