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  1. Flurry i scan that software on VirusTotal and its not safe -.-
  2. how can i know US dont spy me now? how anyone know US dont spy hem? can we have privacy on Internet? Can anyone make software for that? :|
  3. why Emsisoft dont have URL Scaner on Virustotal.com?
  4. forum.hr is 8,105 on Alexa.com but Forum.hr is malware site. :| i am chek on Virustotal.com Thousands coumputers infected? :|
  5. thank youuuuuu man a lot,im anonymously now on net,i started in new begin
  6. hello,i use Hotspot Shield to change my IP public address,and i scanned hem on virustotal.com,its safe,but he dont can hide my IP address on google :( .How can i hide my IP on all sites on inthernet.Is that posible??? :|
  7. miniclip.com,lifehacker.com and drtuber.com are ones of the top 1,000 sites in the world,and after i scan this sites on virustotal.com they are not safe,millions peoples vizited this sites,and if ,malwares are on this sites,my and other millions computers are infected....
  8. i am sucesifull remove funmoods.I just ask what is funmood.But no problem more Thank you for all,and i steel can start new topic normaly,its very hard to find....but no prob. (Y)
  9. when i visiting 30 or more pages on internet and i scan comp EAM sometimes found threats,but Malwarebytes always found Funmoods.What is Funmoods? :|
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