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  1. I'm noticing the same thing with my 64 bit windows 7 computer. Very slow to boot up. Will watch this thread to see if I have the same issues.
  2. OK thanks! Sorry for not being more knowledgeable - I appreciate your time and patience. Beatrice I tried to upload the file as a *.evtx file and I got an error message - System event files 03062013.evtxYou aren't permitted to upload this kind of file" What's your second choice?
  3. Ok couple of questions, Is "Save Log File as" the same as "Save All Events" which is the only save option I have under the Action menu. Also, here are the available file formats .evtx, .xml, .txt. .csv - which one do you want? Thanks, Beatrice
  4. I did this, but I can't get past the IRQ_ driver error to upload windows. I have to go into safe mode and restore. I'm thinking I just won't use this program. I have a firewall with my wireless modem and with windows - are those enough protection?
  5. I did the above - I even downloaded the Online Armor file again and installed it. I am not getting the Can not start online armor service but rather the driver error problem. Here is another zip file.
  6. OK here you go - I ended up trying to install it again yesterday with the same result, so I again restored my computer to an earlier point. Here is the zip file. Thanks.
  7. Hi, as I said, I restored my computer back to before I installed the Online Armor version When I install the Online Armor program, I can't get into Windows - I get the error about the driver as noted above - I had to do a restore to before I installed it to even be able to use my computer.
  8. i was having this same issue -Can not start online Armor Service - and so downloaded the file from the above link but it did not work for me. I have now uninstalled everything and restored my computer back to early this afternoon. Before I did the restore in Safe Mode, I was getting a whole page of info but it goes by so fast I can't really read it all but the top has something about IRQL_Not_OR_Equal something driver. This was after the install of the Online Armor Files. Before I re-installed the Online Armor Files I was able to on on-line however the connection was VERY SLOW. Now tha
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