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  1. thank you shadowputerdude.i am sure you are right shadow,the truth is after following your advice doing a full scan and sending you the results,i did a full scan,downloaded the ccleaner.sacaned with a-squared malware.downloaded win32kdiag,but it said it could not find any results from the scan.did as you said.did,nt delete/quarentine any thing,so i tryed doing the user account thing,but to be honest i could,nt follow it so i gave up.twiky
  2. after useing a-squared anti malware to scan my pc,it reported back saying ( backdoor.win32 bifrose )had been found on my p.c.but it could not be deleted,it said i mite be able to get help from the forum,does any body know of this trojan,and any ideas how to remove it.any help would be welcomed.thank you
  3. hi just want to say hello to every one

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