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  1. Here it was maybe 15 seconds, during which time a second a2service started.
  2. The normal (well under 1% cpu) I was seeing in a2start this morning had crept up to around 5% by mid-afternoon It's back down again now because I just updated to the newest beta (-10100) but presumably will start climbing.
  3. Surely settings only affect a2service? EAM updated last night to (beta) 10098 and a2start's cpu has been normal since then. Do the developers think anything they changed might be relevant?
  4. I was asleep all aftenoon; next time I looked, a2start was up to 12.5%. Signing-out and back in (ie no shutdown/reboot) sent a2start's cpu back to 0.15% or so. I suppose that's not too surprising as a2start is a user-level rather than system-wide program?
  5. Nearly two hours later... and now a2start cpu is around 4.6%.
  6. @GT500 I've not explicitly looked at them, but I don't they are - that is, as well as seeing one of the cores 100% busy I've had the impression that total cpu use was around 85-87%. Also, remember I'm on W8.1 not W10. There's no VPN software on the machine, no download manager, no VirtualBox (or any other VM). While writing this, I glanced at PH and saw cpu for a2start had climbed to about 1% (a2service by comparison is ranging between 0.25% and 0.31%). I was just thinking "that's odd", for a GUI that's not even open, when I noticed the systray icon pulsating and a few seconds later the "update" notification slid in (and I dismised it). But now, with the GUI still not open, a2start cpu is around 1.97-1.99%.
  7. It happened again (with .10090 this time) - see the other forum discussion. This time I dumped a2start and have PMed Frank and Arthur with the location of the dump and debug logs for yesterday and today.
  8. OK, having uploaded the dump & logs, I then shutdown fully and did a cold reboot. When I logged-in again, a2start's cpu use was low again. I forced an update and after that completed, cpu was still low.
  9. It happened again today, though this time I wasn't aware of any particular event at the same time. I might have been away from the pc when cpu went high, not sure. This time around I have not shutdown and rebooted. I've dumped a2start.exe using ProcessHacker and I'll zip up debug logs (for yesterday and today) and the dump and let you know where they are.
  10. I'll retain the logs for a while then, thanks, just in case.
  11. Thanks stapp; I've made a note of that .. and now all I need to do is remember that I made the note...
  12. I just reported a problem in the main forum, of a2start going mad when the last update got installed about 25 minutes ago. See: occurs to me that -.10078 is maybe stil only a beta? (How is one meant to know?) Debug logging was on throughout this - do you want the logs?
  13. A full shutdown and (cold) reboot seems to have fixed this.
  14. W8.1 64 bit, running EAM updated 6 minutes ago and suddenly a2start is very busy, running one of my 8 cores at 100% ie overall machine cpu is 12.5% The EAM GUI is very very sluggish.