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  1. It'd be better to create a new topic, because the features in EAM in Aug 2020 might have changed. When items are grayed-out in the GUI it's an indication that your userid doesn't have full permission to alter things. You might need to login to Windows as an Adminstrator then within the EAM GUI find the Permissions section (which isn't even visible to other users) and (if you want to) grant full EAM-features-permission to whatever userid you're using now.
  2. I assume that when you run one of the .exe files shown in your first screenshot it unpacks another .exe, then runs that. The problem is that the second .exe - in a subfolder of \temp\ is the one that gets the BB detection. I expect that the subfolder has a different random name every time something is unpacked. There's probably not a satisfactory solution, since although you could set up an exception for files in \temp\, that's a really bad idea because malware is also quite likely to get unpacked and run there and if that happens you definitely want to know about it. Sometimes
  3. Deleting dmp files is not hugely sensible as it means you can't send them to Emsisoft for them to look at. Having said that, the level of detail in such a dmp depends (at least in earlier versions of Windows) on how you've configured the system. At the very least you need to dig into the eventlogs to find out what they show as the symptoms of the dump, and when it happened and anything significant that happened in the minutes leading up to that.
  4. Yes, I looked at your posting history yesterday and saw that you'd been part of that discussion (which started in Feb 2020): https://support.emsisoft.com/topic/32777-high-cpu-usage-from-a2start-and-commservice/ But whatever caused that seemed to get fixed. I wonder what's making your machine suddenly have a problem. > Thanks for the suggestion to switch to "delayed" - will try that if the symptoms come back (just rebooted another time this morning). While switching to "delayed" will perhaps temporarily solve your problem (it might not if there's an underlying problem
  5. Which version of Windows? What hardware - does that cpu spike of 10-20% represent one entire cpu core/thread being 100% busy? What else happened this morning? Was the machine rebooted, restarted, woken? Has a Windows Update just been installed? Was a restart pending because of an earlier install? Did you install or remove anything? Does the eventlog show any other system problems, eg with any of the machine's disks? You could choose, for now, to install the previous version of EAM by (on the current one) going to Settings - Updates - Update feed, and changing from "Stab
  6. Ok, I'll compress it and upload it somewhere and PM you with its location.
  7. Win 8.1, 64-bit a2service.exe crashed this morning. I've got a full 800 MB dump (and debug logs), do you want it? The eventlog record for the crash says: Fault bucket , type 0 Event Name: BEX64 Response: Not available Cab Id: 0 Problem signature: P1: a2service.exe P2: 2021.4.0.10785 P3: 606463d0 P4: StackHash_d81c P5: P6: 00000000 P7: PCH_5E_FROM_a2service+0x00000000000093E4 P8: c0000005 P9: 0000000000000008 P10:
  8. > I think it's supposed to be implied that the subscription can be canceled after the ordering process is finished. After all, you can't cancel something that hasn't started yet. I agree, you can't. But you're missing the point, which is that customers who do not want ever to be part of a subscription scheme are not being given the choice. You're forcing people to have a subscription. They then have to make an effort to get out of that later on. Worse, as far as I know, having elected not to be part of a subscription scheme, they have to go through this every year. You don't remem
  9. I agree that (those screenshots) do indeed clearly show that one's taking up a subscription service. And I do see a statement that says one can cancel a subscription at any time. But that "at any time" is not true. You can't opt-out right at the start. That's the behaviour that the CMA are investigating all those other companies for.
  10. > Keep in mind... I never doubted that. > Subscription services are against the law in the UK? Or is it just that some companies were abusing subscription services to secretly overcharge customers, prevent customers from canceling subscriptions, and refuse to offer refunds when customers complain? No, subscription services are fine, provided the customer gets the chance to opt-in at sale time. Opt-out that requires some process more convoluted than unticking something at sale time, (or better, not having it auto-selected in the first place), is perceived as
  11. > When subscriptions were opt-in, a lot of people were buying license keys assuming they auto-renewed, and they were confused or even upset when it came time to renew their license and it wasn't happening automatically. Surely that could have been solved by making it crystal-clear on the website that the purchase was for the stated number of years only. > We decided to make subscriptions opt-out, as it seemed like a large portion of our customer base expected them to be this way. The fact that the CMA have launched this enquiry suggests that, in the UK at least, it'
  12. Have you emailed the author at the address mentioned on the website footer? I can see there's no point in asking on their forum as that's swamped in spam.
  13. I noticed today this announcement that Norton are being taken to court by the UK Competition & Markets Authority, for not co-operating with the CMA's investigation into their practice of auto-renewing customer subscriptions. See: https://www.itpro.co.uk/business/business-operations/359000/uk-competition-watchdog-takes-norton-to-court At the CMA page: https://www.gov.uk/cma-cases/anti-virus-software it says (dated 2019) that says the sorts of things the CMA are trying to find out are whether consumers expressly agree to be automatically renewed if there is express
  14. Is the text about signature updates being provided for the extra 12 months new? I don't recall reading that before. Leaving aside not getting new functional updates, would users of out-of-support versions of EAM get bug fixes in that 12-month period if (say, on my Win 8.1 system) something in a Windows Update broke EAM?
  15. @dkds - you said "forgot something, eav didn't quarantine fstr.exe;" If you mean frst.exe, the last few times I've run the 64-bit version - fstr64.exe - EAM hasn't asked me about allowing access to firewall rules. I think sometimes the current version of frst/frst64 is known to EAM so one does not get asked. New versions of Frst/frst64 are released every few days. You also said: " i have found one more detail on last screenshot. Malware? how can I check it? " What precisely is it in your screenshot that you think is odd?
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