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  1. Why would there be doubt? Banks, tax authorities etc NEVER send emails asking you to click on a link to provide them with more information. Even if you do think some organisation genuinely wants you to provide info, ignore the email. If you absolutely must check, use your normal method of logging in to their website and look for a status update or message about whatever it is, there. Or ring them, using the number you already know is them. Better still, don't bother. Wait until they write you a letter. And even then, don't volunteer information unless you are certain it's the real deal. In my case I have my own internet domain name, that is my email addresses are all I give different lefthand parts to different organisations, so eg the email address my bank uses for me is different from the email address emsisoft use, whch is different from ... I'm sure you get the idea. If a 'bank' email comes to the address I use for emsisoft, I know without looking at it that it is iffy. I'd also then change the address I use for emsisoft.
  2. JeremyNicoll

    Removing pre-installed McAfee.

    Look on McAfee's website to find out if they have a removal tool, then use it?
  3. @emwul64 Why would you search the internet to 'confirm' that a dubious email is an attempt at phishing? What does finding a record of such a thing prove? What does not finding a previous identical instance prove?
  4. JeremyNicoll

    UI problems

    Could this be a DirectX (or similar) problem?
  5. @marko - Logging in any application is bound to use more cpu and direct more I/O at the disk(s)... but whether you'd actually notice that if you have a modern/powerful PC, especially if you're using SSDs is doubtful. In EAM, it /is/ important that you remain aware that logging is on and do something to make sure huge log files don't take over all your spare disk space though. On older PCs I certainly could see a perfomance hit... but I still ran most apps with logging on... because I knew from my work, much of which involved troubleshooting problems in mainframe systems, that there was nearly no chance of fixing bugs unless detailed logs existed. It's too late to turn on the logs after a problem occurs; they have to be on before the problem happens. Some systems even allow control over the level of logging (none, some, some more, very detailed) and which parts of the system generate logs. Some systems allow you to change the level etc from within logging so that when certain symptoms are seen, logging can suddenly be made more detailed or turned off.
  6. JeremyNicoll

    UI problems

    On my W8.1 system, albeit on a fairly powerful laptop, a2start typically shows 0.03% cpu. Opening the logs and waiting while the display finds and displays stuff raises cpu to 0.25% for a second or two then it goes back to 0.03%. Debug logging is permanently on, and like you I'm using version 2018.11.0.9073.
  7. The advantage of turning logging off/on is that it closes the active log files and starts new ones. If one doesn't reboot often, the logs grow extremely large.
  8. > ... caused by EAM disabling debug logging because the debug logging period had expired since I enabled it for 1 day the day before That's interesting. Although I have logging on more or less all the time (except for a very brief stop/start every few days so I can purge the old logs), I simply use the enabled/disabled settings rather than the 'on for a specific period' option. I've never had any reason to think that logging causes crashes.
  9. > Sadly, there are no debug logs. ... I run with debug logging on all the time. But I have a reminder program here and every 4 days it reminds me to stop & restart logging - which only takes two clicks on the relevant setting. And then I delete the logs accumulated over the last four days. If I'd had any problems in those few days I'd already have isolated those logs. I think what I'm saying is that when you turned logging off, you didn't need to leave it off.
  10. JeremyNicoll

    NEW Auto- Silent mode

    I don't think there's anything new about "Auto-Silent mode dis/enabled" messages. It's just a new name for the previously misleading (to non-gamers) "Games mode" messages. But what is perhaps odd is if EAM going in and out of that mode around any shutdown. Is that what you mean? Maybe those times correspond to your user being logged off/on?
  11. JeremyNicoll

    what is this?

    Also... Godaddy (like many other domain and web hosts) provide a wide range of services - someone might just register a domain with them, or also host DNS there, and/or host a site they wrote (from scratch) on either a shared or virtual (or perhaps even real) server of theirs, or host a site you didn't write from scratch (or at least with a full understanding of what comes from where) with them... and probably other options too. There was NOTHING in the way you initially described your problem that would tell anyone else which of these was the case. No-one else is psychic. You ned to explain any problem you have (in future, here or anywhere else) well enough for other people to have an unambiguous grasp of what your setup is. A common issue when writing a website is that one might wish to include, say, javascript libraries, or Google fonts or something. The easy way is to place on one's webpages a URL that points to the current public location of those resource files on someone-else's server. Perhaps that also means that if there's a bug in those files (eg a JS library) then when it's fixed your site will automatically see the fixed code. But (apart from the risk that your code depends on some perhaps buggy feature in tht library) there's an extra problem - you have no control at all over what might happen to the files on those remote servers. It's better to copy the resource files your site has been tested with, to your server and only use the local copies. Yes, they might inn due course be out of date... but then you try a new set out and test your site with those. And yes, if lots of sites a user visits all load a specific library from a common server, that code will be in their browser cache and not need to be refetched for any site after the first fetch, but now that most of us no longer use a dial-up connection, that hardly matters compared with the certainty you have as a site author that the code someone is running is the precise code that you offered to them.
  12. JeremyNicoll

    what is this?

    > I wouldn't know. Well, you start by complaining to Godaddy. Tell them that flagging of (presumably, other people's content) on their server is causing you a problem.
  13. JeremyNicoll

    what is this?

    Seriously... this is one of the drawbacks of any form of shared hosting. Apart from Godaddy's images (whatever part of your site has their images) even if you had hand-coded your site from scratch and kept all the files it needed - CSS, html, scripts, images... on your own site rather than somewhere else, on a shared hosting your site would be on the same server (and thus ip address) as many other sites. If just one of those has been serving malicious files, it's the ip address of the server, not the name of any of the sites hosted there, that gets blocked, and everyone then has a problem. Shared hosting is (relatively) cheap for a reason.
  14. JeremyNicoll

    what is this?

    So what you're really saying is that references on your website to images hosted by Godaddy's IMG1.WSIMG.COM are being flagged because (other?) content hosted by that server has - perhaps correctly - been flagged by someone else. It's not a false positive, if IMG1.WSIMG.COM really has been serving (other people's?) content that contains malware. The solution would lie not with Emsisoft relaxing their flagging of a troublesome host, but with Goddady removing the dubious content held on their server. Has that been done, d you know?