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  1. Quite a few of us have made this complaint but, so far, the only way to reverse it is to email [email protected]
  2. The user only sees the GUI though. It could say something like "Cancel acknowledged" so someone wasn't waiting two minutes for an apparent reaction to their click. It doesn't matter to us if the backend is still waiting for something provided when it either times out or manages something, it then halts the attempted update.
  3. Shouldn't the GUI be able to set a 'cancel' flag asynchronously from whatever the backend is doing?
  4. Ach, so they are. I just c&p them out of the OP's report and looked them up separately. I wonder why the OP had two copies?
  5. Ah... I think you're complaining that the links in the post above no longer work. As the images etc were not hosted on Emsisoft's servers I doubt anyone will be able to help you. Why are you so interested in such an old piece of malware?
  6. Oh, it's not a right-click option. You select the file and the delete button is at the bottom of the file grid. And that can apparently be impossible to see...
  7. Searching for those two hashes on VirusTotal produces these two report pages, for something called " App Explorer ": and and the files (at least those analysed by VT) DO appear to be signed... by "Sweetlabs". Nothing on the VT pages mentions TopazLabs.
  8. Are you sure? Someone found a while ago that their delete button had scrolled off the bottom of the screen.
  9. You've replied to a post that's ten years old. What do you actually want to know?
  10. > Am I correct in assuming these are actually Emisoft servers I don't think so. GT500 fairly often refers to "CDNs" when people ask about problems with updates. You'd hardly expect Emsisoft to run servers all over the world when CDNs can do that for them.
  11. Like Stapp I had to do two application restarts and a reboot between them. That's wildly unusual. I don't see why "a new proxy.exe requires an app restart" is the answer to this - why wasn't it shipped to us before the reboot? The whole system restarted then.
  12. If they do then that's a problem. The settings I mean are in the 'Custom scan - Scan now' dialog and get set just before initiating a custom scan. I use different settings depending on what I want done in such a scan... But if the settings also affect context-menu scans, for which one has no opportunity to set them at the point of initiation, then it means I would need after every Custom can to go back to the dialog concerned and reset options to what I want for the next Context scan. I know I won't always remember to do that. Or, are there separate options somewhere else?
  13. Do you mean a 'custom scan'? Then it only happens if you also actually turn that option on. What about a File Explorer context scan? I'm not clear on that - not least because (a) it seems too fast, and (b) the report only ever says one object was scanned. I think that if a user intentionally ask for a zip to be scanned, that way, then the contents should be looked at and the report should show the true counts.