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  1. Did I just find a BadUSB?

    If the mouse has extra buttons, (in the same way that some keyboards have extra buttons eg to open a browser home page, or adjust sound volume) then I think those button actions are implemented by the mouse acting as if it were a keyboard.
  2. Adobe Photoshop quarantined

    In that case as soon as the EAM rules have updated in your copy of EAM, you can take that .exe out of the exclusions and it will be fine.
  3. Adobe Photoshop quarantined

    You could add the photoshop program .exe to the exclusions list at Settings -> Exclusions then unquarantine it. However if you do that I would suggest that before using it again you upload the file to the virustotal website where it can be scanned by multiple antivirus & antimalware programs. Depending on how many of them think it is ok or not ok you will get an idea of whether there is really a problem with it. If no other programs or very few others think it is a problem, report it to the 'False Positives' subforum here and include a link to the VirusTotal report page. Virustotal are at:
  4. Did I just find a BadUSB?

    > I have a USB device that is most certainly not a keyboard What is it and what actions is it meant to do? Does it support any form of configurable trigger (that might work by simulating a keyboard and sending some sort of shortcut code)? For example... I have an Epson Scanner which has buttons on its control panel, which if you choose to do this can initiate certain types of scan. The scanner connects to the PC via a USB port. To make the feature work you have to install extra software on the PC which - I think - runs continuously waiting to be asked to do something. So the question is, when someone presses one of the scanner buttons, what does the scanner send to the PC? I don't know... but it could be that the program waiting to be told to do something is waiting for a 'hotkey' to be pressed, and that the USB interface inserts a pretend hotkey-press into the system. For that it probably would need to be "a keyboard". I did not install the extra software.
  5. Disable PowerShell?

    Hmm. A bit more googling looking for explicit instructions on how to remove Powershell from win 7 suggests it's not really possible. Some posts suggest things like removing registry keys (which I suppose might make Windows think it's not there, but it still will be). I've also seen suggestions that uninstalling "windows management framework 5.0" might remove PowerShell as well. But I have no idea if that is true nor whether it's a good idea. I see that @Umbra has said (in comments on the oroginal blog entry) that there's W7 advice on the net. Perhaps he could say which advice is the right advice... and if there's disadvantages to following it?
  6. Disable PowerShell?

    Yes, that's the right place. If PowerShell isn't listed (I can't read the cyrillic parts of your screenshot), maybe it's not actually been installed? According to PowerShell, if you have it, will have shortcuts at Start / All Programs / Accessories / Windows PowerShell. Do you have those?
  7. Disable PowerShell?

    Whenn you go to the Control Panel screen which lists installed programs - called "Add/remove programs" on XP and "Programs & Features" on later versions of Windows, you should see a list of applications you installed and probably that's all you're used to looking at there. But as well as that, there should be an entry at the top left that lets you change which Windows features are enabled. PowerShell isn't in the list of ordinary installed applications, but as it's a Windows feature, it can be turned off using the option at the top left. Does that help? If not maybe you could post a screenshot of what your "Programs & Features" panel looks like?
  8. How do you decide which games to trust?
  9. How do I find the version number?

    Arthur, I think it's great that the contact-us email does automatically prefill that text. But you know better than anyone that lots of people use this forum to report their problems. If you /expect/ people to use some other route you need to make it clear that the forum is not the place to do it - which personally I think would be sad.
  10. How do I find the version number?

    Arthur, yes, I agree. And I've noted it. But it's still not information that's in the sort of place that anyone used to using an application's About option would find by accident.
  11. How do I find the version number?

    > So, it is available and it is copiable. Indeed... but not in a place that any average user will stumble over. That's why this subject comes up over & over again.
  12. How do I find the version number?

    > That's why we have ... But you can't c&p that anywhere, so although it's certainly useful for a quick check to see what's running, it doesn't help when starting a discussion here.
  13. Restart program after update?

    Sometimes the updates are not just malware signatures, but also replacements for some of the programs that are part of EAM. In those case EAM restarts are necessary for the new programs to replace the in-use earlier versions. It's normal.
  14. How do I find the version number?

    > Actually, when you submit an email via the Support tile in Emsisoft Anti-Malware ... But I don't. I almost always use the forum and when needed PMs. And if I need to send you files [which I already have in my archive of ongoing issues], I just send you links to the things which are already in Dropbox.
  15. CLOSED Beta 8157

    It's a little worrying when you consider how often people who've had updating problems are told to try with SSL turned off.