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  1. We're all interested in why it doesn't work for you. But stating that the cause is such-and-such, without evidence, does not help. /If/ you'd actually found evidence of deadlock I am sure the developers would have been interested in that - because you seem to be the only person having this problem. When you say EEK doesn't find dangerous files - do you mean that it has scanned dangerous files and not detected them? ... in which case you should explicitly report that and send examples of those files to Emsisoft. Or do you mean that, because - for you - the scans are getting stuck - they're not scanning anything? UAC will not protect you from malware. It might stop malware from corrupting system files but will not prevent it from corrupting files in normal user data locations.
  2. That doesn't imply deadlock necessarily. It could be that the code's examining a flag that never gets set.
  3. I understand perfectly what deadlock is. How do you know that deadlock is the problem here?
  4. No of course not. But if EEK crashes then it will record that. Some of your posts have suggested that EEK may have crashed.
  5. Are you posting now using another computer that you own, or your phone, or someone-else's computer? You will need either to use another computer to access the full disk and clear some space on it, or boot a windows recovery system or 'live linux' recovery system (from a CD, DVD or USB stick) on the system that won't boot and clear some space.
  6. I answered your question, about stopping logging, only ten minutes after you asked it. If you'd turned logs off then, you might not have this problem. You could also have deleted all the older logs, just after taking the screenshot. I am curious that you can see that the log is "0 bytes on disk", but cannot boot the computer. How are you looking at the disk? If you can see it, can you not use the same file manager to delete some log files? Otherwise, I think you'll need to boot something else - maybe a Windows recovery disk, if you have one? Or a linux 'live cd' perhaps? All you need is something which lets you navigate to the logs folder and delete the log files.
  7. @makisaid: "First. But what are the logs for if your developers can't read them?" GT500 did not say that the logs can't be read. He said that "From what I'm seeing in that log, the scan isn't able to start" which means they CAN be read. Also: "EEK is the only tool on the Internet that stops without showing an error message." It's not. Many programs, including some provided by Microsoft as part of Windows, produce no error messages at all if they crash. The system Eventlogs contain details of the crash. Have you looked at those yet?
  8. @GT500 It might be, but it's incredibly unintuitive to anyone /who has something installed/ to think they'd have to install it again. Do you not see that?
  9. > These are all logs generated with this BAT tool. No. The BAT tool sets Emsisoft-specific registry keys. Then /EEK/ generates the two kinds of logs. It's good that the logs seem to show a problem. But bear in mind that although that exception does look significant - if it's prevented EEK from properly terminating a scan - logs often record 'failures'. Code might eg look in a set of different places to see if some flag is set, and not find it in most of them, but will still show that it did look in those places.
  10. Why would someone who already uses the product and has it installed do that?
  11. I'm surprised you think that the Scan Engine debug log wasn't created ... when you've attached a file named "a2engine..." Surely that file IS the /engine/ log? There is no reason to emphasise that you're using EEK rather than EAM. Everyone reading this knows that. And, @GT500 repeatedly referred to EEK in his instructions.
  12. @maki The debug logs only make sense to the developers, as they know precisely what the code that creates the logs is meant to be doing.
  13. @maki It is better to attach (zipped) debug logs, as that way only Emsisoft staff can read them. (It is /attaching/ that makes them secure, not zipping.)