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  1. @EFgirl1 Scammers don't have your number - they have everyone's. They use software that dials every possible number one after another, and if they connect to a real person they use "social engineering" (which is to say they ask leading questions, and say generic things) to fool people.
  2. Unfortunately Microsoft sometimes release multiple versions of the same-numbered KB fix. Possibly you have an early version of this installed, but now there's more. Somewhere in the Windows Update screens you should be able to find out when your instance of KB4474419 was installed. According to there's been 6 versions so far. You probably only need to let Windows Update offer you a newer version, and install it.
  3. @Ken1943 Why are you so negative about 2FA? Why "dummies"?
  4. Here (with Win 8.1) various apps' icons disappear from the taskbar at random intervals. Taskbar - Properties - Notification Area - Customise leads to a long list of apps whose icons might be displayed and the criteria that must apply - eg whether each should always be shown, or only under some circumstances. The settings seem to get changed by something every so often. Also there doesn't sem to be enough space for every app's icon to show, and I have the impression that if I've run any unusual apps their icons take up space that another app's icon would normally occupy, so Windows (maybe) turns the usual one's display option off, then I don't run the new apps ever again. But meantime the old app icon doesn't come back. It might be something like that.
  5. Do you mean "what operating system"? Windows. You can't boot linux or some other special recovery enviroment, then run EEK. You need to boot a Windows system.
  6. Perhaps you could find out specifically what EAM looks for in the Registry, then? In @Peter2150's case, he says that KB /is/ installed on his system. So if something's missing from the registry on his system couldn't he just add that manually so that the whole WMI/TrustedInstaller rigmarole never happens? I suppose anyone who doesn't have the KB in question installed could also fake it... but that might not be safe?
  7. Isn't the reason that it's quick, for such a large file, that EAM ignores/bypasses/skips checks of big files?
  8. URLs for dump etc, and notes on what I'd been doing, PMed to Frank.
  9. This new occurrence is similar to:
  10. I'm not sure that your conclusion follows. You saw TrustedInstaller.exe run after a restart on an outofdate version of Windows, as soon as the network was available - that's perfectly understandable when you consider what it's meant to do. In the earlier instance when the network wasn't available maybe either TrustedInstaller started and stopped immediately - or just wasn't started? [You say that it didn't launch ... but how do you know? - do you (audit-)log process creation & termination? Maybe it never starts if the network is unavailable.] Lots of people seem to have problems with TrustedInstaller.exe, if one googles for info about it. But beware, many of the sites which offer advice are generic ones offering possibly-dodgy replacement copies of .exe's etc.
  11. W8.1 64 bit. 2019.10.0.9795 beta I just had EAM hang after a BB alert was displayed - I couldn't dismiss the alert. I eventually ended up dumping Windows. I need to write some notes and compress & upload the 8 GB dump...
  12. [The alerts themselves are the sort described in thread: I've sent debug logs to GT500.]
  13. I've just had lots of Firefox BB alerts just after Firefox updated to v70. The odd thing about this is that FF seemed to be working ok. I have a feeling that it was trying to download a fresh version, not of FF itself, but one of the supplied addons. I'm about to PM a link to debug logs, to @GT500
  14. Win 8.1 64bit, EAM 2019.9.0.9753 I've just updated Firefox to V70 and am getting BB alerts, don't know why yet. Wondering if the alert panel might tell me something useful I clicked on its View Details arrow, which was not helpful. I don't know whether there's no info to be shown (in which case, why was 'View Details' offered?), or what. See screenshots of (a) the pane offering 'View Details' - EAM BB - ViewDetails 1.jpg?dl=0 and (b) what clicking that then displayed EAM BB - ViewDetails 2.jpg?dl=0
  15. Scan type: Custom Scan Objects: Rootkits, Memory, Traces, C:\, E:\ Detect PUPs: On Scan archives: On Scan mail archives: On ADS Scan: On File extension filter: Off Direct disk access: Off
  16. Win8.1 64 bit, EAM 2019.9.0.9753 Clicked Pause in scan GUI, which did change to show Resume, but scan continued. Probably complicating things, a signatures update happened around the same time. There was definitely communication happening between the scanning service and the GUI. because the display of a just-scanned filename continued to change. Debug logs sent to @GT500
  17. > You also once sat down at your computer for the first time. Yes indeed. But my first personal computer came along after a degree in computing and working as a programmer for more than 5 years. Anyway, I'm not arguing about users who make an effort to understand how things work; my comment about "ordinary users" is about people who don't care how it works.
  18. I don't understand what you mean by: "then this user does not need to use up a computer and surf the Internet." Pretty much everyone needs at least access to a computer these days as governments require more and more to be done online, eg applications for state benefits. It's a problem for people who cannot afford a recent new machine. I wouldn't want to be using a public machine (eg in a library or even internet cafe) if I had to use it to send confidential personal information anywhere.
  19. > I f you have in mind a slightly smart user, then programs that can correctly delete pre-installed unnecessary software are suitable for him How is this user supposed to choose such a program? Most of the 'tune-up' programs available are likely to damage a properly configured machine. The user is completely dependent on the programmer having been very careful. (And of course quite a lot of such programmes are quite likely to contain, or come bundled with, PUPs or malware.)
  20. > ordinary user Someone who knows nothing about how computers work, who doesn't know what an OS is. Someone who would never read a computing textbook.
  21. @Amigo-A OK. How is an ordinary user to know which programs are vital and which are not?
  22. I understand that you (somehow) disabled Powershell, and you know you did that. Earlier you asked for a way for BB not to tell you (that Powershell is disabled). If Emsisoft change EAM so that no user sees these messages then that is dangerous for people whose Powershell has been tampered with. I don't care if there's a way for just you not to see the messages, but I don't think other EAM users should lose the information.
  23. @Amigo-A... so which is it? Above you say "Buttons, keys for brightness control - this is on the side of drivers and software from manufacturers. We talked about software that does not belong to this area, but is obtrude oneself into the user". But that's not what you said before. You said "If the pre-installed programs were set by the /PC manufacturer/ or its partners, then /these are not your partners/, these are completely alien people with their intentions and commercial purpose. You do not know what they set and what goals they pursued. Therefore, the verdict should be unambiguous - delete all pre-installed programs without a doubt.".
  24. It's not really just an "opinion", if the end result is an unusable machine. Some of these programs are required to make eg a laptop's screen brightness, volume control, wifi on/off switches etc work. If you look in the support forums for specific makes of laptop you quite often find people who are desperate to find out why these things no longer work. It's like reading on linux forums about how people can't get some features of a particular model of laptop to work in a certain linux distro - because there's no open-source drivers for the specific hardware.