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  1. Can I ask those of you who use SD, do you have it on all the time, or just at whatever you think are high-risk times? Does it protect every file/folder on eg C:\, or just those you nominate?
  2. It's not normal to run a machine on a private (or trusted) LAN with EIS configured as a Public network. The whole point of telling EIS that you're using a public network is that you're saying you're on an unsafe network, so you'd expect not to have easy access to/from other devices there. The decision really depends on how much you trust ALL the other users of the LAN. If it's only you, or your family, then Private is probably fine. If you have no idea what other users are doing (as is true for me - I trust my flatmate but I'm less sure of his friends) then configure the firewall as if
  3. Why do you think it's a false positive? You probably need to ask for help in the 'Help, my PC is infected' forum, but make sure you follow the instructions at the top of that forum and submit the diagnostic reports that it asks for. Someone will work out if your machine is actually infected and if so help you remove the problem.
  4. > I had no idea there was a certain way to uninstall... I don't know if there is, and it's been quite a while since I last had EAM on my machine (I use EIS now). But looking back at my notes for the uninstall I did prior to installing EIS, I see that I started by turning off the features in EAM that protect it (from malware trying to uninstall it), then rebooted. Then I did the uninstall from Control Panel -> Programs & Features, and after that I rebooted twice (which is a recomendation one sees in these forums, often). I don't know if all these stages were required or not.
  5. That's curious; there's been several people report problems recently with machines that have Avast on them. How sure are you that your friends had completely uninstalled Avast? I've no personal experience of that product but I know that some antivirus apps can be quite hard to get off a machine completely.
  6. Is the version of EAM one you downloaded from Emsisoft's website? What does "So I tried to uninstall it and reinstall without any luck." mean? Did you in fact do an uninstall? If so did you follow recommended practice and reboot the machine twice after doing that? And then a reinstall - was that attempted, were there any problems? "No uninstaller": are you saying that within Add/Remove Programs (if that's what it's called in W7), there's no listed entry for EAM? Have you tried uninstalling Avast, then (if you can) uninstalling EAM and then reinstalling EAM?
  7. W8.1, 64bit machine, EIS 2017.4.1.7484 I just woke my machine up; as usual when I do that it did an immediate update - that occurred at 06:55 (as you can see from the update log). I did a few other things then started Firefox, and to my amazement was presented with a BB alert box for Firefox (or at least its updater component, I think). Why would I get such an alert? I clicked the down-arrow on the alert box and there was no information. Why not? Later I checked the update really had occurred a decent amount of time before FF was started - yes, 13 minutes. And I looked at the BB
  8. Also, does your machine have other anti-virus or anti-malware software installed? And, what do the error messages say?
  9. Basherz: if you had "exactly the same problem" back in 2014, why tell us now? If you have just had it, then it's unlikely to be exactly the same thing, bearing in mind that all the software concerned is three years older by now. According to your avatar above, that's your first post. Did you seek help here when you had these problems?
  10. Arthur > This is a known issue. It started on Windows 10 after the Creators Update was released. Yes, I know. I nearly posted a link to the thread in the Beta forum about something similar (though that's not reported as a crash), then I thought: there's no evidence that hairygeek has W10 let alone the newly updated one, so didn't. And - until a quick Google just now made me better informed - I assumed that the "Creators update" was for developers, based on its name.
  11. I was thinking, I'm sure I remember reading about this a while ago... and it turns out you reported something like this in Nov 2016: Is it the same URL again?
  12. It's worth uploading the file that Avast thinks is suspicious - a2emergencykit.exe - to the virustotal website where it will be examined by lots of different anti-virus/malware programs to see whether they all think it's a problem or just a few programs do. If you do that, you could then include the virustotal website URL for the report about that file, here. Does the free version of Avast update its signatures often?
  13. > He posted it in a reply to another topic, and I split it off into a new topic In that case, I apologise to JoeP.
  14. JoeP> Emsisoft Anti-Malware This is the forum for Emsisoft Internet Security. It won't matter, as GT500 has seen the question, but usually it's more sensible to ask things in the right place.
  15. > The Task Manager wouldn't open using the Ctrl+Shift+Esc shortcut? Dunno. Didn't try it - not familiar with the shortcut - usually start TM from right-click on taskbar, if I need it. But that's rare because I have Process Hacker running... but obviously didn't look at that because there was no desktop. Just a dark blue screen, with thank-goodness, my text editor window still alive. I don't know why that /was/ accessible, unless it's just that it was the only non-minimised application running at the time.
  16. I don't think so. It doesn't (as far as I know) scan ANY files on download. Scans are done when you open the files. Edited later by JN: I was wrong. See settings for File Guard.
  17. > ..tell them to use Alt+F4 then it will be able to be closed !! Stapp, I'm sure you said that with a big grin - maybe you just munched an extra juicy piece of grass ;-) But unless that info is displayed on the GUI the average user will not know to apply it. It's far better to stop the undismissable pane from being displayed in a stupid place.
  18. > A batch file that uses BatchGotAdmin will usually trigger a BB alert ... OK. I'll try to find time to see if I can provoke a recurrence. Although it wasn't the cause then, what happens if one is offline when an AMN lookup might be attempted? Does the BB recognise that and just not bother - and if so, does the suspiciou sactivity just get blocked? On the other hand, if - say - I provoke an AMN lookup then switch off the laptop's wifi, would you expect the AMN lookup process to handle that cleanly? > Updates being installed while there was an AMN lookup could have certainly
  19. > I understand, however unless you can reproduce the issue then we won't be able to find out what is causing it. We'd probably need a > complete memory dump from the system that shows the frozen processes so that we can get an idea of why it happened. Is there an easy way to provoke the BB into doing an AMN lookup? I looked earlier today to see if there was any logging of the BB alert (no), or if the script had somehow got itself added to the application or BB rulesets (no,no). The sccript has run 33 times since the reboot after the hang, and I've not seen another BB ale
  20. > We are considering adding a feature to move the window back into the visible area of the screen when the EAM/EIS window opens > and notes that it is outside of the visible screen space. Excellent! > It should be relatively easy to close the window by right-clicking on its icon in the taskbar, and then reopening it. Do you mean when i had the original problem, or do you mean in the future when the new feature is added? If the latter, I can't see why one would need it. If the former: the taskbar icon seems only to refer to the main GUI window, not the sup
  21. See: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rd27krg5roiqnli/20170510 2128 99 EIS thread screenshot.jpg?dl=0
  22. YES, I can see it. I was a bit surprised, but ISTR there's more than one way of putting an image into a discussion.
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