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  1. In my install of EAM the file  unins000.msg  looks like it contains just the message literals used by the [un]installer program (which seems to be Inno Setup).

    On my system the uninstaller   unins000.exe   and a data file   unins000.dat  also exist, and all three of them have the same date and time stamps, which for me are 28 Sept 2017.    It might be that if you can check that you have the .dat and .exe files, and say what date/time stamps they have, that someone (though it would be best if that someone was Emsisoft) with the same version could send you a copy of their .msg file.   On the other hand if you also don't have the .dat file, that - for all I know - might not be the same on every system.   

  2. > "When I sign in here I always get an error page"...

    Do you sign in here by finding your own way to the forum, or are you clicking a link in an email that you were sent by the forum software?

    There's a problem (at least I see this) with the "plain text" version of the forum mails; the links in those don't work properly.  The links in the html view do work properly.


  3. > "it took infinite time"

    How long did you wait?  Minutes or hours?  If hours, do you mean a couple or eg overnight?

    This is not a stupid question.  If you have seen it take, say, five hours before it crashes, then when you try again you could record memory use at (say) 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours, 4h 15m, 4h 30m etc and we might get an idea of the point where memory is exhausted.   That might be useful info.

    It is not obvious to me why you cannot import files which are much much smaller than those described in the other thread.


    > "import didn't continue .loading  profile of the mouse cursor without any progress"

    I have no idea what that means.


  4. @DDE_Server  - when a2start.exe's cpu use goes high it's because it's doing the import.     How long have you left it doing that?    Is it a few minutes or hours or what? 

    The "not responding" status information is misleading;  it just means  "is busy doing something else".

    In your first screenshot you showed  Emsisoft Security Centre (which is a2start.exe) using 34.2 MB (actually it will have had more than that allocated to it by Windows but is only using a subset of it, that amount, at this instant).  In your later screenshot (with the high cpu) that figure has climbed to  92 MB.    Neither are large compared with your 6 GB of RAM, and if the 48% shown at the top of the first screenshot means that only about 3 GB RAM was then in use, there must be around 3 GB available.   Do you have any idea how big the memory value gets before a2start crashes?   


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  5. @Robert8399  - it not polite to 'hijack' someone-else's discussion.  You should start your own discussion.   

    It's not clear what you actually want.  If you're genuine though, the people to contact are the sales/licensing dept, which you can do by emailing     [email protected]   directly.   The forum is not the place for that because they will want to ask you, and you tell them, private information that should not be shared in public.

  6. If it's like EAM, then that 80% is misleading.  It's the point where EAM starts to find all the files it will subsequently examine, and there's a pause while it does that.  It's not 80% of the way through the whole scan at all, but has just finished four very short tasks (eg looking at memory and other quick things) and is about to embark on the fifth one (the scan of most of the files).

  7. @GT500  When someone imports the contents of a file of iffy hosts, does that replace what's already held by EAM, or add to it?   Is the user-import set of hosts held separately from those that EAM itself maintains?  

    I'm wondering of this user's repeated attempts might mean there's multiple not-quite-complete lists in storage?


    I downloaded today's blocklists from ; the basic list has about 10,700 hostnames and the extended list has about 13,700 ... which means these lists are nowhere near as large as the one discussed on the other forum discussion I mentioned (that was - it was claimed - 300282 entries).


    @DDE_Server - saying you have a machine with 6 GB RAM is not neccessarily relevant; what might matter is how much of that RAM is free when you try to do the import.   So, are you doing this as soon as the machine is booted, or when you already have lots of other things running?   How much unused RAM does Task Manager (or other tools) show you have (that is, what are the figures in the Memory section of Task Manager's Performance tab)?  And how much does it show a2start.exe using before you start the import and as the import attempt is progressing? 

    Eg: on my Win 8.1 system I have 8 GB RAM.  Task Manager right now says that I'm using  3.8 GB and have 4.1 GB available.   Those are the figures which (more or less) add up to 8 GB (the rest is possibly being used by the video card, I'm not sure).  But on my system I also have a large paging file; under the 3.8 & 4.1 GB figures Task Manager says I have 4.7 GB "committed" out of a total of 16.2 GB.   That means that here programs have 16.2 GB of memory available for use in total, even though there's only 8 GB of actual RAM chips.  The extra 8.2GB is space on the paging file.   Although the "memory" that's in the paging file (on an SSD) is a lot slower than the memory in the real RAM chips, it does mean that my system can do a lot more than if it only had the RAM chips.

    What figures do you have?

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  8. When you say "in the previous times the program stop responding for certain second" do you mean that in the past, import of large files was slow?  

    How slow?   For what size of files?    And how big are the files you are trying to import this time?   

    How much RAM does your machine have?    What version of Windows are you running, and is that 32- or 64-bit?  

    You might want to read (though there was no solution described there):


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  9. Right at the start of this topic you described a "glitch" - a C0000005 program error.   That WAS a crash from which a dump might have been useful.

    Are you saying that there's been no more "glitches"?

    WIth most laptops, and possibly also desktop machines, you can configure what happens when the power button is pressed.  It's not necessarily fully shutting down Windows.  Even (with laptops etc) where in theory one can just close the lid and 'sleep' the machine it's not a fantastically good idea always to do that.  It's better to do a full shutdown occasionally.

    If you have EAM running, then log out of your userid, then log back in again (so that Windows itself is not being restarted), which bits of EAM are then running?  In task manager you would expect normally (in the Details tab - at least that's what it's called in W8.1) to see a2service, a2guard and a2start running.  Maybe you should make sure you can find those before you try logging out and back in.  Here, with W8.1, there's often quite a delay (a minute?) before a2start starts.

    @GT500 - might usefully (I think) explain to you how to export some of the contents of the Eventlogs covering a reboot, and send them to him. 


  10. @Nikilet - you download the files and run the one that enables crash dumps.  When, /after that/, EAM crashes, the changes made in the registry should force Windows to create a dump file as described on that page.    There won't be any dump files until EAM crashes.   You won't need to restart to send the dump to Emsisoft, but you will want to restart to restart EAM.

    You say that EAM /never/ runs after reboot? 

    Which version of Windows is this?   Is it W8[.1] or W10 where reboots are sometimes somewhat like a wake-up after putting the machine to sleep?

    If so, it would be worth doing a full/cold shutdown of the machine each time you need to reboot, so the OS restarts from nothing at all, rather than partly based on its pre-reboot status.  With W8.1, I do that by logging out of my userid then on the user-selection screen where there's a little menu at the bottom right of the screen click that menu which then shows options including "Shutdown".  If one just clicks that you don't get a full shutdown; you get the faster option.  Instead by shift-clicking it you do get a full shutdown.  There will be some equivalent for W10.  


    It would be useful to find out why EAM doesn't start.  That is, does it try to start and that fail, or does whatever is meant to start it fail to issue the start command?  


    You mention MBAM.  Do you have any other security software, or any of the programs that let people tweak start-up settings?


    If you totally disable MBAM, then full/cold shutdown your machine, then reboot it from scratch... does EAM start sometimes or never? 


    Do you know your way around the Eventlog logs?    If EAM fails to start, and you do know your way around the Eventlogs, can you look through the logs to see if there's any log appearing to show an attempted start of any part of EAM?


  11. @questions - I would love to "get a life".  More specifically I would like to be able to go back to my old life.  I've been chronically sick for about 20 years.  Before that I ran a small programming team who wrote code to automate the startup & stop of services, and monitoring of those services, on a UK bank's mainframes.  I've twice been employed by IBM.  I've also been an MVS (now known as z/OS) systems programmer (so someone who installed, customised and tested OSes) and was on-call for OS problems.  I've also worked as a programmer on micro computers and two different mainframe environments.   My degree is focussed on OS & programming-language design and implementation.  I think I can contribute useful technical insights into things.

    How about you? 

  12. Where is one meant to report these?

    A couple of times in the last day or two I've clicked the "Next unread item" (or whatever it says) link at the bottom right of a item viewer, and then had an error panel telling me that there are no unread items. Normally the link is not displayed if there are no such items, but clearly the logic deciding whether to show the link is wrong.  It's possiby happening on the last non-read item, so that at the time the page is prepared for view it itself is unread, so the link is displayed, but as soon as /I/ see the page there's then no unread pages.

  13. W8.1, 64 bit, EAM Home 2020.4.1.10107 beta [en-us]

    A few hours ago I tried to scan a couple of files, setting up the request from a right-click in File Explorer.  The EAM GUI scan pane then displayed, but nothing happened.  The machine did have a2start using high cpu, and a lot of virtual memory was in use.   I did something else for a while then came back to the GUI and still nothing was happening.  I shutdown Firefox and soon(?) after EAM did do the scan, which its log file showed only took one second (it'd been of a small html file and a larger mp4).  

    I've got debug logs for the period; searching for part of the filename of the "Wuhan.mp4" file shows in the a2service ... log file that filename mentioned a few times around 14:54 and then again at 15:15 (which is when the scan finally ran). 

    I'll PM the location of the debug logs to @GT500.

  14. I think you still need to drag the log window narrower once you can see its righthand edge.   I expect that EAM has remembered that (at some stage) you had the window wider and it keeps initially drawing it too wide.   Can you try a scaling value less than 100% to see if the righthand edge becomes visible?

  15. Bad news: on my W8.1 system, today a2start.exe reached 7 to 8% cpu (so roughly half to two-thirds of one core) whereas for the last couple of days it'd typically been 0.1 - 0.2%.   That's beta feed, v -.10107.   I noticed it just after starting Chrome (whereas normally I use Firefox), but even with both browsers shut down that level of cpu usage was maintained.

    I dumped a2start (using Process Hacker running as Admin), but only realised afterwards that EAM's self protection was still on.  I don't know if the dump will be any use.  I've got debug logs too though.    I'll PM Arthur & Frank with the location of the dump etc.

  16. Has this PC always had this particular display attached to it?    Have you always had scaling set to 250% ?

    With a screen that's 3200 px wide but scaling set to 250% you can only see an image (eg the log window) that is 3200/2.5 = 1280 px wide.     That is, those 1280 px are stretched to take up 1280 x 2.5  = 3200 px.

    Maybe if you temporarily change scaling to a lower value, eg 200% or 150%, you'll then see both sides of the log window and can drag it smaller.  Then change scaling back to 250% and hopefully the full window won't take up the full screen?


    The log display window here, shrunk to its smallest possible size, is 1200x700 pixels; that's on a lower-resolution screen.

    (I may have misunderstood; if so, sorry.)