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  1. In this forum, for example, I am unable to see the Capture.jpg in: On the other hand, screenshots here: are immediately visible. Does this depend on the way that they are added to a post? I'm fairly sure this is a new(ish) thing for I used to look at other people's screenshots quite often, especially in the non-English speaking sub-forums, as sometimes pictures show exactly what someone is complaining about even if one is not fluent in their language.
  2. When you ask the system to run a command where you don't give it the whole name (ie extension too) of the command to be run, the OS searches various places where such a program file may be (the directories defined in environment variable PATH), and looks for a candidate with one of a whole set of possible extension (defined in environment variable PATHEXT). On my system PATHEXT contains PATHEXT=.COM;.EXE;.BAT;.CMD;.VBS;.VBE;.JS;.JSE;.WSF;.WSH;.MSC;.REX;.REXH;.REXP so you can see that .com and .exe files are high-priority candidates, followed by .bat and .cmd (batch and script files), and so on. The stuff towards the righthand end of that list are as I set them here on my system, but I expect it's normal for .msc to be quite a long way into the list, so that does mean that (if it exists), services.exe etc would be executed instead of services.msc.
  3. Whenever I click on a link to someone-else's uploaded screenshot etc, I get a message saying I don't have permission to see it. I'm logged-in. Did something change in the way the forum is set up?
  4. If it's common practice to exclude (presumably standard) folders that game software is commonly downloaded to, is there not a huge risk that malware authors will target that folder as a place to put their nasty programs?
  5. I get the same misleading message on my 64bit W8.1 system.
  6. Google suggests that error code Oxc0000428 corresponds to a problem verifying a digital signature. What I don't understand, reading this ticket, is where the message that HawkI reports, about the hooks dll, comes from. It doesn't seem to me to have anything to do with signatures.
  7. GT500 said: "The alerts for Au_.exe and uninstaller.exe were normal, since they are not digitally signed and there is no reputation for them." Why would there be no reputation for a Firefox uninstaller that must have been used by thousands/millions of users?
  8. What progress? Has whoever's been looking at the logs learned anything? Do they have plans to change anything? Have they indeed started looking? When will it be fixed? This has been going on fro two weeks now, is amazingly annoying, and - by your own admission - was a problem you knew about before I hit it. Come on!
  9. If you follow the link from the isthisfilesafe page to the VirusTotal page, then look at the comments tab, someone has pasted in what this file actually contains. Assuming that their paste is accurate, the VBS file merely runs any command that's passed to it without opening a command window. So, it runs a command "invisibly". Most programmers use something similar when their scripts have to run a subsidiary command. Is it safe? Yes, in itself it is. But what's more important is what other programs/scripts are running this vbs program and what commands they are asking it to run. Commands run via this program will not, I would expect, be anything that couldn't already be run in a command window. All that's happening is that you don't see the command happen. It's not a way to run an elevated-privilege command from an ordinary user. If this really worries you, you could turn on Windows audit logging of process creation/termination, and full tracking of commands that are issued and their parameters, then search through your event log records to find out when this program is used and by what other program.
  10. What progress is there? Does anyone want more debug logs, for example while I do some specific thing (and if so, what)?
  11. To get emailed when someone updates a forum article, you need to login, then click your name at the top right of a forum screen, then choose 'My Settings', then pick 'Notification Options'. You'll see a list of reasons why the forum might choose to notify you of something. For each one you can choose how you'd like to be notified. For an email, in each case tick the Email column. Finally click the 'Save Changes' button at the foot of the screen.
  12. Logs and commentary PMed to GT500, about 8 hours ago.
  13. OK, I'll look at setting that up; first stage has been to increase pagefile to a shade over 8 GB, and turn on "Complete" dumps. But I'll need to use some key combination other than Ctrl & ScrollLock because this laptop has no ScrollLock key, not even as some sort of Fn+ combination.
  14. I'll try to generate some useful debug logs, maybe tomorrow if I have the energy/enthusiasm. Tonight I notice that, using IE11 for browsing - which previously I'd thought was immune from the problem of making a2service's commit size climb rapidly - a2service.exe's commit size has become 1,049,984 K. I had though had maybe 30 tabs open in IE at one point (of lots of issues on your website so not complex pages). After the tabs were shut the Commit Size did not come down... Hmm, it's up to 1,478,752 K now, when my use of IE11 has become much simpler - so maybe that's not relevant. I was going to paste in the version of EIS12 I'm running. Even after wasting ages trying to find the missing About box, and eventually finding the About display in wildly unintuitive place (this info has to be somewhere obvious if you expect people to quote the value to you!) I find that the value: "" cannot be highlighted and copy/pasted. I'm certain I've complained about this in the past... yes. In thread: PLEASE tell the GUI designers that the look and feel of a GUI is not the whole story. Essential information needs to be easy to find, and it really shouldn't be impossible to copy areas of text (from any part of the GUI) out elsewhere, whether it be for a user making notes about what they did, or for bug reporting.
  15. This is not good. I've spent ages searching menus, submenus etc for an 'About' value. The standard approach in Window apps is that it's either an entry by itself on a context menu (eg from the systray icon) or maybe an entry on the Help menu. On the Overview screen, under the Protection area, I see in "Updates" a line that says "Software is uptodate". But when I hover near that I get "Malware signatures <big number>" which - for me at least - suggests ambiguity. Did the message "Software is uptodate" mean what it said, or did it just mean that signatures are uptodate? Why not split the text into two and say whether the software is uptodate (with a pop-up saying software levels) and whether the sigs are uptodate (and a popup about them). Or if a user clicks on "?" at the top right, offer a submenu that has an "About "option?
  16. This (or something like it) happened to my system tonight - see:
  17. Just for info... at about 10pm tonight I woke up my sleeping laptop to find a message telling me that EIS needed to restart - should it? I said YES. I'm not sure whether it did or not - normally I get warning panes from Windows telling me that there's no active a/v or a/malware app while a restart is happening, and I didn't see any. It was soon obvious that there was a problem because double-clicking on application icons didn't start anything. I asked Windows to do a restart. After about 2 minute of watching a screen saying "Restarting..." I used the long-press-on-the-power button method to kill the machine. After that I rebooted as far as the user login screen, and from there asked Windows to do a restart. After that, I logged-in when the login screen next appeared. My first priority was a scan of the C-drive - fortunately Windows reported that clean. There's nothing useful (in the time span between waking the machine and forcing it off) in Event Viewer, perhaps not too surprisingly.
  18. Most times when I open a new tab in Firefox, a2service's commit size goes up. The commit size never comes down. If I shut & reopen Firefox, commit size goes up - sometimes by as little as a few tens of MB, sometimes by several hundred MB. If I shut & reopen FF several times it gets worse and worse. In these experiments I've typically only got a maximum of 6 tabs open. When I open a new tab, I almost always do so pointing at a simple page - Google's advanced search, namely: - the most recent open of that increased a2service's commit size by 60 MB. Any time I open a tab for a website that's even moderately complex, commit size goes up a lot more... and continues to go up as I explore that website. And, closing tabs doesn't bring it down again. I don't run any non-standard extensions in FF. Flash is set so FF will always ask me if it should be activated... and usually I'm not browsing pages that use Flash anyway.
  19. Unlike the previous problem, this one doesn't seem to implicate the paged or non-paged pool. Nor is a2service's working set ever large. It's simply that the commit size grows rapidly, always eventually causong Windows to tell me to shut programmes immediately - which is when I reboot. Starting Firefox (which was at v49.0.1 yesterday but is now v49.0.2) immediately increases commit size markedly. Using SysInternals' VMmap suggests the committed VS is all in a2service's use of 'private data' (ie not stack or mapped files, or heap storage etc) and that same classification of storage use (private data) has only a WS or about 70 MB. This looks to me like a virtual storage memory leak.
  20. ... machine has had a full shutdown and cold reboot since my first posts... and Commit Size - which was briefly around 500-600 MB has climbed steadily since then; it shot way up during that signatures update and did not come down again.
  21. And see what happened to memory use when EIS did an update
  22. I meant to say: this machine has barely been on in the last few days so hasn't had an earlier opportunity to show EIS 12 problems. Some of tonight's reboots have been prompted by Windows' error box saying machine is about to run out of memory. I've also had Firefox (about the only program of note that is running) crash at times that Task Manager shows memory use is more than 90% of the available VS total. In last few mins a2service.exe just did an update, I think, and its Commit Size is now 9,849,820 K ... it's ridiculous.
  23. This looks just like the issue discussed at length in problem - which did more or less clear up at some point in the last months, though sometimes seemed to come back for a few days. Right now, I've had to reboot my W8.1 machine twice in the last two hours or so, because each time Windows' Task Manager has shown a2service.exe having Commit Size values which climb and climb. Right now, on this machine with 8 GB of real RAM, plus some paging space, that Commit Size is > 9.5 GB. It's only taken about 30-40 minutes to climb that high. IIRC when things are working 'normally' the value is somewhere between 0.5 and 1 GB and is stable.