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  1. Tested a lot on my pc, but every time my memory went up and never went down. PC just hangs in about 30 minutes or so. Finally I uninstalled Emsisoft Internet Security (which I don't want to, but to test I had to) and now I'm running my pc as it normally would. No problems with working in Lightroom and browsing with Chrome. So my thoughts: EIS has a memory leak. But I don't know what to do? I can try install again and see what it does, but I found it weird that suddenly there's a problem with using EIS. I have been using since november and has been running with no problems.
  2. Hi, I wanted to order the full package for another year, but I see I ordered only Emsisoft Anti Malware, but not Online Armor. I'd like the full security for 49,95, I already paid 40 euro's for Anti Malware. Can you help me out with this? The popup was not clear to me at the moment I ordered it. Last years I had Internet Security, so I thought renewal would be the same key for both software programs, but after I paid I saw it was just Anti Malware. Thnx!
  3. Thanx, sounds logical. Will submit it as false positive
  4. Hi, I'm sorry, don't know why I messed this up, here's the txt report from EEK.
  5. Here the logs.db3 in a logs.rar file from EEK, because could not upload a .db3 extension file
  6. Hi, I recently discovered my Java wants to deploy something, I blocked it. But I guess I'm kinda late in the process and maybe accepted something before. Anyways I did a scan and got a registry thing with Trojan.Win32.Scar. Kinda of an extreme trojan, so I really need your help with removing. I downloaded the EEK and my report below: Emsisoft Emergency Kit - Versie 4.0 Laatste Update: 4-5-2014 14:32:49 Gebruikersaccount: JJansen-PC\J. Jansen Scaninstellingen: Scanmodus: Slimme scan Objecten: Rootkits, Geheugen, Sporen, C:\Windows\, C:\Program Files\, C:\Program Files (x86)\ Detecteer PUPs: Aan Scan archieven: Uit ADS Scan: Aan Bestandsextensiefilter: Uit Geavanceerde cache: Aan Directe schijftoegang: Uit Scan gestart: 4-5-2014 14:33:04 Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CONTROLSET001\SERVICES\DDSERVICE Ontdekt: Trojan.Win32.Scar (A) Gescand: 175727 Gevonden: 1 Scan geëindigd: 4-5-2014 15:01:07 Scantijd: 0:28:03
  7. Ok, so it's a false positive? I can leave it on my pc and don't have to quarantine it? It's the first time I got this notification, I didn't had it before. Using Drobo for quit a while now. Thanx!
  8. I wonder how did this get on my Computer? And is it good enough to just put it in quarantine or delete it?
  9. Hi, The scansoftware found Trace.Registry.Scar (A)How can I best remove this from my system? I have not done anything yet: Scan gestart: 26-7-2013 12:00:03 Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CURRENTCONTROLSET\SERVICES\DDSERVICE Ontdekt: Trace.Registry.Scar (A)