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  1. So now this is done. I did not understand that I could start todays process by downloading both the new programs and then run them one after the other and then report them all at the same time. I have used the PC a lot today without any problems . I do not know yet if the last program runnings has any influence on the PCs performance. Thanks a lot for your help! svinto2
  2. Here it comes. Next I will send the OTLlog
  3. here is the log Adw cleaner svinto2
  4. Thanks again. here is the Adw cleaner log svinto2
  5. OK, Thanks a lot for your help! Much appreciated. I enclose the OTL scan log. Best Regards svinto2
  6. Thank You. Enclosed is the log file. Rgds svinto2
  7. Thank you. I downloaded Combofix, but forgot to rename it, It seemed to work anyhow without any problems and I enclose the log. I have only used the PC a little after the running of Combo Fix, and I did not encounter any problems. Rgds svinto2
  8. Hello I just made a quick scan with the Antimalware scan and I did only get the medium warning for William Hill Poker. That one I believe is normal for a Poker site, so apart from that one, is my PC OK now? svinto2
  9. Hello, I understand and thank you, and I have deleted those programs. Would you be able to tell me what I should do next? svinto2
  10. Hello, Just got infections in my PC. Grateful for help. Enclosed are the files you ask for in your instructions. Best Regards svinto2
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