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  1. This one works really well! live updates with hard wire Ethernet to detect latest detection's and a Scandisk feature to fix bad sectors/ repair os files.. Keep it up to date and keep improving! I consider a company with a GREAT boot-able tool that removes infections a great company overall and keeps the boot-able program consistently updated! my main bootable tools usually consist of Password Changes = for changing any user accounts password Ability to start non-bootable PC for full access to it start from a CD, DVD or USB flash drive (appropriate BIOS settings required) Multi-boot or dual-boot functionality (DOS + Windows) General system Recovery/Repair utilities for all latest versions of windows!! TestDisk - a powerful hard drive recovery tool "like chkdsk /f /r to fix pcs not booting due to blue screens system is updated several times a day so it always has the most recent security updates available. Good looking graphical interface makes this disk very easy to use. ability to attach to hard drives or use like linux to scan hard drive not attached to it to detect all possible types of infections/ problems causing it not to properly boot.... Very important one, Ability to copy partition sector by sector to an external usb drive or certain files to external drive if the drive isn't able to boot so you can easily re-install and migrate data onto new os. built in file manager tool to help you access and recover any vital data and files when a virus prevents you from accessing your hard drive via Windows or other operating systems. i know there are tons of these types of cds/usb images offered by almost every antivirus company but one that has the most features/ best REPAIR success rate and infection detection removal/ windows repair would be the winner of them all!!
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