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  1. Hello guys and a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2014! I have a question - I have an unused 1 year license for Mamutu but since it is discontinued, I would like to ask if I can use it with EAM?
  2. Everything is OK, my license activated for 365 days. Thanks again very much! P.S. I have a question, may be it's not for this thread but anyway - I see that OA does not recognize many of the Windows 8 system files and processe, the are marked as "ask" and when executes (even notepad) it asks to allow or deny as it is an "unknown program". Is this normal?
  3. Thank you very much, will try it and write back.
  4. PM sent. Thank you for taking time helping.
  5. Thank you very much for your answer! I tried to register to my account but it says it is not valid or already activated. Perhaps I have to input it directly into the program itself after installing?
  6. Hello guys. I would like to ask you is it possible to use old keys (I have from legitimate promotions) on the new Online armor premium? I'm asking because the present-day keys are much shorter than the old ones I have but have not used. Thanks in advance for your answer.
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