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  1. Sounds good... I have one key used for all three licenses, all already installed on three computers (bought the 3 pack less than a month ago.. also bought the uSB stick). How do i send a private message to you? Thank you cuzzzzz
  2. Hi.. stick updated fine. But, I need to buy a license for a fourth computer... following instructions sent to me, I have to renew all ffor a full year. Isn't there a way to just purchase one additional license (add a fourth) without having to pay again for a whole year? I just paid for 3 licenses less than a month ago, now I'm asked to pay another almost $90 just to get the fourth. cuzzzzz
  3. Fabian... I just received my Emergency Kit USB Stick (I also have a three computer license (week and a half ago) and you responded to my post re instructions on how to get a 4th for a new computer arriving this week). Please let me know the exact steps, site location, etc., needed to keep my USB stick up-to-date with the latest database of signatures. Also, how often should I update (weekly, etc.) Thank you Bruce
  4. Hi.. last week I purchased your 3 license package for my three XP machines (your trial Emergency Kit did an excellent job of removing the FBI ransom virus.. I dropped McAfee immediately). I'll probably be buying a new, Win7 machine within a week or so... how do I transfer one license from one of the XP machines to my new machine, or, how much would it cost to get a 4th license? Thank you, cuzzzzz
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