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  1. Hallo Sloan, bleib bei Emsisoft Anti-Malware alleine da bist du besten geschützt, da brauchst du kein Avira oder so was. Emsi bietet dir alles was du brauchst, um sicher im WWW unterwegs zu sein. Aber ich denke auf deine Frage hat die Liebe Kathrin alles gesagt, was man dazu sagen kann. Du bekommst bei keinem Anti Virenhersteller schneller Antworten oder Hilfe als bei Emsisoft. Und wenn, du dennoch zweifelst an Emsisoft schau dir bitte dieses Video an. Aber was du Letzt endlich machst bleib dir allein überlassen. Ich wünsche dir einen schönen und malware-freien Tag!
  2. Gamer Mode in "Quick links" (tray menu) Detail: Well, I would really like to see the Gamer Mode in the quick links to be able to quickly switch it on and off
  3. Description: Startup Monitor Detail: Monitor the registry, Startup folder, Services, and anywhere else where a program may try to attach itself to 'start on windows startup' and then run a function if it detects any changes. The options for configuration could be: - Allow All - Warn and Confirm - Block All (Without confirmation)... This way a user could decide whether they want to allow a program to be added to the Windows Startup. There are tonnes of various programs that try to add themselves to the Windows Startup list without asking the user first. And then there is of course malicious software as well.
  4. Automatic Rule Consolidation Automatically consolidate / composite rules which offer the same allow permissions but for different files, paths, functions, etc. Each executable should fit into ONE rule per allow / deny type. This would make users MUCH safer by actually being able to audit their HIDS and Firewall rules. If a DENY rule negates an ALLOW rule, disable / delete the ALLOW. Allow users to see how rules are going to be composited and allow them the option to keep individual rules This would prevent having 1000+ rules are 1 week of learning mode. Some of my install exe's have literally 20 rules that are duplicate! I currently had to write a script to do this to an exported XML rules. I then re-import. Wildcard paths, IP's, registry paths, etc. To further consolidate rules. Example, allow Setup.msi Access to Registry on HKEY_LOCAL.../Application/installer/*, and Write,Delete on C:/temp/*.ex_ (One rule, two at most to do something like this. Perform intelligent allow/block based on current operation and user choice. Something like a SMART ALLOW button which allows This processes and all CHILD processes that spawn from this an ALLOW TIL QUIT (For installers) or an ALLOW AND ADD SMART RULE for launching new applications. Having the Allow/Block pop up literally 90 times during an install or a first time application launch and adding just as many rules is not fun or encouraging security. REGEX Matching in rules Rule Sorting by Column The current column headers do not appear to function. Should be able to sort rules by name, path, port, etc. Rule Window Resizable I currently cannot resize my rule window. When you have 1000+ rules (see above), it makes it impossible to sort or audit them.
  5. Add enchanted anti publishing =why most antivirus fail to detect I fraud page,fake page,scammer ect I recommend add advanced scan anti publishing that scan the full page code and domain in orden to check if is real or fake or modified to prevent fraud and steal money and credit cards ect
  6. Add new smart diagnostic like Network Performance Memory Anti virus engine Report automatically crash Report https website certificate error bugs or vulnerability and sll problems And protocols filtering Report firewall crash or bugs This help mode send it automatically to the developer
  7. cloud engine detection = this is for maximum deep detection analise everything - add new network monitor See all conection running and what internet usage you have been used on total Add instant notification for all For example you computer have been compromised and is blocked And for unknown ports so you know is something wrong ,for example unknown port have been detected program name is ect
  8. Need to detect and analise this to find hidden malware and other stuff ALL PROCESS REGITRY ONLINE AND OFFLINE HOST ANTIROOTKIT FILES MBR WEB BROWER TASKS ALL LIBRARY ALL SERVICE ALL MODULES ALL TRACES I/O ALL DEVICES ALL IAT/EAT ALL SECTIONS ALL SYSTEM ALL HIDDEN DLL ALL PROGRAM THAT USE THE SAME NAME TO HIDE ALL DLL hijacks ALL Shell / Load entries ALL REGITRY KEYS (RUN/RUNONCE) ALL STARTUP FOLDER ALL EXTENSION ASOCIATION HIJACK Read / Fix DNS Hijacks (DNS Fix button) Read / Fix Proxy Hijacks (Proxy Fix button) Read / Fix Hosts Hijacks (Hosts Fix button) Restore shortcuts / files hidden by rogues of type “Fake HDD“ Read / Fix malicious Master Boot Record (MBR), even hidden behind rootkit List / Fix SSDT – Shadow SSDT – IRP Hooks (Even with inline hooks) Find and restore system files patched / faked by a rootkit
  9. add advance firewall enchament protection mode super strong firewall anti bypass add avance anti stealch technolgy add add advance network detection that (detect if someting or some one are trasering your ip, atacking you or have other intencions like spy ect and programs too add advance network detection all programs add ultimate http and https detection detect is the hhtps incription is fake or is bean manipulate add ultimate https incrip you with all page iven if the page dont have http securty add anti brute force mechanics hakers use brute force to damage the anti virus and bypass
  10. I miss sound if samples were found With an option connect the sound In and From
  11. - real time anti phishing instant protection- - real time web instant detection -real time network shield instant detection -real time protection -real time anti stealh tecnology detection and block (and log -real time instant anti exploid detection -ultimate hidding real time detection ( virus spy, monitor keylogers nsa ect
  12. ultimate SSL protocol chekig protection -update it that can increase security and incription to 512bit and reduce the errors some https or http have erros on the incriptions anti bypass strong fiewall (by the nsa or haker make it very dificulty to breake anti bypass web (atacks, ports,spam bruteforce ect that trick the web broswe detection and enter and steal data ect ) anti bypass real time detection anti bypass- anti stealh tecnology anti bypass hips registry detection anti hidding- programs or any virus anti spy protection anti keyloger protection anti network manipulation anti registry manipulation anti web brower manipulation
  13. Description: Exclusion list for Gamer Mode Detail: Exclusion list for Gamer Mode where the user can exclude certain programs from the automatic gamer mode feature without having to disable it all together and fall back to that manual way, this can be very useful if you run certain application(s) but as an exception you still want to be notified about any events, and carry on with scheduled tasks, etc. for any reason.