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  1. Batman

    NEW beta 10078

    Hello Frank I am pleased to present this feature. One question: Can the feature prevent uninstall Emsisoft by RDP hacker via any way like Third-Party tool, PowerShell, and...?
  2. Hi I checked the list provided by Microsoft (Windows 10 and 8.1) Emsisoft is not on the list! Why?
  3. Dear Arthur, Thanks for your excellent support. Is there a solution other than "Limit User Accounts in Windows" for this issue? I need to set the maximum possible limit for users with administrator access. Will I be able to view and check uninstalled EAM from the cloud console in the future? This feature will be very beneficial. Unfortunately, over the past few months, this has diminished my credibility and performance.
  4. Many thanks for your attention. I always set their permission level to "No access". For this reason, they cant to exclude and change the configuration. Therefore they choose the fastest option: Uninstall Emsisoft. In your opinion, Does this feature help improve protection and security? Most unauthorised users are unable to uninstall EAM and other AV via the registry key and other options, which means improved protection. Also, this feature can disrupt hackers' work and even stop them from continuing their malicious activity. Do you agree with this argument? Most companies have this feature. Did they mistakenly develop this feature?
  5. I'm a little confused about what's the difference between these two cases. Any user with the administrator account cannot shut down the protection or disable the components due to the password, but they can uninstall it without any limitation! I have several antivirus contracts with small companies. They require admin user accounts for their third-party software. It's not possible to limit their user accounts, and they uninstall the software whenever they have conflict within the Emsisoft. Also, it is not possible to monitor if the EAM has been removed in the cloud console. I've worked with Kaspersky, Sophos, and Eset before. They didn't have this problem. Using them, I was able to limit the uninstall of antivirus.
  6. This feature is missing. Is there an explanation for it?
  7. Thanks a lot I configured an admin password, but administrator password does not work to uninstall Anti-Malware!
  8. A hacker can easily uninstall the Anti-Malware without any problems and hardship! There is no password request even for uninstallation! Do you have a solution to this problem other than the group policy?
  9. Hi Any news on this regard?
  10. Reports and logs sent to you.
  11. I made the changes But the problem remains
  12. This problem has happened to this computer and my costumers' computers. I think this problem related to "Quarantine re-scan after updates". After disabling, I no longer see the problem.
  13. I have a user account and that is administrator.
  14. Dear Support, Please watch the video below Why can't EAM protect the system? This file has been detected as "Bad" on the Anti Malware Network but is still running! Malware is attached. L-Proizvodstvo za MAJ - Order-2019g doc.r11