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  1. Hello I sent new logs to your Email at 23/11/2014 Do your developers fix this issue?
  2. Hello Thanks Christian If this issue will occur, i will send debug logs to you
  3. Thank you very much, i hope EIS support PPTP VPNs soon.
  4. Hi I cant connect VPN when EIS (Firewall Guard) is enabled. When Firewall Guard is disabled, i can connect to VPN fw_141019-113133.txt
  5. I know, but this issue didnt fix completely
  6. Hi Mr Peters This issue didint fix!! EAM
  7. Hello I use 2 monitors (1-Monitor 2-LED) on my graphic card
  8. This problem happend rarely Christian,unfortunately this issue happend sometimes and i cant connect to you with TeamViewer when this issue happening!!!
  9. Some times, EAM guard runned in taskbar!!! why?? I cant close EAM guard in taskbar!!
  10. Yes,Emsisoft Internet Security update failed again
  11. I installed EIS but update EIS has failed why?? Update In security center EIS Win XP SP3
  12. Yeh, actually EAM cant remove this malware in Boot
  13. No, i didnt orupdate any software between the 2nd and 3rd scan on this computer The scans are successive. Times : 1- 08:43:34 2- 09:00:52 3- 09:19:55 4- 09:36:53
  14. Hi I scanned PC for 4 times by Smart scan, result is strange!!! First scan: EAM found 1 malware and recommend to restart for remove Second scan : EAM found 1 malware and recommend to restart for remove Third scan : EAM found 17 malwares and recommend to restart for remove, but removed 15 malwares Forth scan : EAM found 1 malware and recommend to restart for remove Win 7 SP1 32Bit EAM fully updated
  15. Yes, all 3 guards are working good Is this problem bug ??
  16. a2scan_140808-201009.txt EmsiClean_2014.08.08_19.53.38.txt
  17. I used this way, file guard is enable but surf and behavior is disable now!!!
  18. Hello In my EAM, file guard is disabled and i cant enable file guard!!! why ???
  19. yes, i can , i will test and will report for you
  20. I didnt see any update for this problem in Beta version!! I installed EAM version on two different PC, unfortunately Security Wizard reappeared after completed installation This issue didint fix in Emsisoft Anti-Malware released!
  21. The problem dont occurs again after Enter license key and complate setup wizard but this problem dont fix yet !!!
  22. Can Emsisoft team help me! my EAM didnt run for 2 days! when I run EAM, Setup wizard started, Can i complate the setup wizard?
  23. Thanks Christian Activated 2 guards after restart