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  1. Hi In EAM, i cant enable surf Protection and behavior Blocker Win 7 32bit SP1 EAM fully updated I
  2. Hi I runned EAM today, EAM opend Setup Wizard, Why??
  3. Thanks Elise 1- Why dosnt EAM restore objects that longer are being detected ?? 2- Please watch attach video, EAM Re-scan 12 items in about 2 minutes !!! it is very long !!! Untitled
  4. I clicked re-scan button and when finished, EAM showed this massage
  5. Hello Why EAM cant quarantined itmes were restored ?? quarantine.txt
  6. Thanks Fabian Now, how i can scan folders and files of my portable devices?
  7. Hi Why EAM cant scan portable devices !!? Untitled How i can scan my portable devices? Thanks
  8. Hi today, Turned on my system and EAM wasnt run !!! Clicked on Emsisoft anti-malware icon and i saw Security Wizard Complated installation than EAM runnig
  9. Bug in removal Malware in EIS9 First scan: Alert of EIS9 Second scan
  10. Hi 1- After reboot, EIS 9 dont runnig !!! 2- Active pause protection for 60 min, but when open EIS 9 protection has enabeld !!!
  11. Anti-Malware Alert !!!!! Internet Security Alert is correct Anti-Malware Update !!!!
  12. Hi
  13. in other PC Emsisoft
  14. This issue exists in other PC
  15. Video repeated downloads of specific