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  1. I have DoNotTrackMe installed in Chrome and Firefox, although I use Chrome as my primary browser. As I only ran scans with EEK maybe once a month they only found 10 tracking cookies in the search and I'd say that's not bad after a month. I do run CCleaner on a scheduled task 2 times a week at night so that probably helps and if my browser history gets too full I'll run google chromes default cleaner. Pretty easy like you said to get rid of those so I won't use EEK for that anymore. Just malware.
  2. I was told that the whole search and delete of the COOKIES is going to be a thing of the past very soon. As I was having problems with both cookies and malware deleting or quarantining I have finally got my cleaning driver to work again. All except for the cookies and I was told not to sweat that as it would be a thing of the past soon enough. Any idea when hat might happen? By the way thanks for the heads up!
  3. Thank you. So this isn't just me? Man I worked my ass of trying to figure this out.
  4. Wow someone else that had issues with this. I have been trying to get this tool to work the way it used to for the longest time now. One of their support people had me re-register my registry files but the reason I had to do that was because I couldn't get the tool to register the driver that sends the stuff to Quarantine. I finally got it to work last night but I still can't get rid of the tracking cookies. Let me know if you find anything out new. I will do the same .
  5. Got another one for you. I ran the Repair tool to that you linked for me and I fixed the registry files. Or re-registered them and I re-ran the EEK. It actually worked for the one piece of Malware that it found but it won't quarantine or delete the tracking cookies. The checkmark is now in the driver box of Autoruns and it is checked, but it will not delete these tracking cookies. The 1 piece of Malware went right awayt to quarantine but the tracking cookies just stayed. What is up??? I am losing my mind with this. Aren't these cookies supposed to delete otherwise why ask if I want to search for them?
  6. I just downloaded and ran it again off of a Flash drive and it wanted to work but would not put the tracking cookies in Quarantine or delete them. I went into Autoruns to see about the driver and this time it was there but the box next to it was unchecked. What do you think?
  7. I went to the Windows Repair page that you linked me to and noticed that the Registry permissions line was highlighted. Was that you or just an example from webpage designers? The reason I ask is there are 28 plus boxes that could be checked. Is this the one that you think is most likely the culprit? I just need to know which one you think I should click? I have about a months worth of Acronis backups so I'm not afraid to make a mistake. Would rather not but there has to be a reason this is happening.
  8. This is the second post today. Sorry for going on but I'd like to try and get to the root of why this cleaning helper driver will not register. I uninstalled Norton and MalwareBytes today completely to see if this was the cause and I ran scans with EEK on the Flash and then off of the C drive. Both times it failed to register the driver. What would you do? Is this EEK still messed up or is it something in my system that is preventing this from working? I have a Kaspersky Rescue disk that I thought might be worth running to see if it's some piece of Malware that is embedded deep and is preventing the driver from registering. If you have another answer please feel free to give it to me if you would.
  9. That "Conduit" file was the only item that was detected in the second scan so the the "Script" did it"s job as it deleted the conduit file.
  10. I understand what you said both times. What I am trying to say to you is I have run 2 different scans on 2 separate occasions. The first time I ran it it worked and kicked all the malware. The second scan, different day I ran through the same procedure of copying and pasting in the box with the one new piece of Malware from the new scan. It also deleted that besides not finding all that other stuff. So it actually worked 2 separate times for me and I was under the impression that you told me it was on good to work the one time, but that Conduit entry that it deleted was the only piece of Malware from the second go round. I can use this script numerous times?
  11. Just on the first topic with the Conduit post. What I meant was when I first used your script to delete all those bad entries the "Conduit" line was not in there. It only became part of the bad stuff on the second go around and your script deleted it. I guess what I am trying to get at was when you first replied to me I understood by your reply that your script was only good for the first time you used it? When I added the one piece of malware,"Conduit" on the second go around your script deleted it. So I guess what I am trying to figure is that your script works more than once even though it includes the log of the stuff that it deleted the prior time? It appears that it worked twice for me because the Conduit line was the only thing added the second time and it did delete it.
  12. First on the OTL script that I left you yesterday. If you notice the 3rd entry down on the registry files that has /Software/Conduit/? That was the only piece of malware that came up on the scan yesterday so it looks like it might have worked again because it says it deleted it successfully. Even though it added all the other files that it had taken out the scan before, it still got the one from yesterday. Strange? As for when the driver registers. When you download and extract or when you click Quarantine? By the way thanks for answering these questions. You have been a lot of help.
  13. I just did a quick scan with EEK and ended up with one bad file. I wanted to look at Blitz Bank and I don't think I have enough knowledge to start hacking stuff without really knowing how to use it. Now that I said that I had to run your .OTL Script.txt and when I did that I noticed that the log had all the bad things left over in the log. Not active but as you can see in the log file I have enclosed that there is a lot of things that were already done still in the log plus the one new file it deleted (Conduit) Reg Key. What I take from that is he script should be re-written every time or you'll end up with a log of all the stuff you have ever deleted, correct? It still works, you just end up with a lot of extra reading. 04152014_114355.log
  14. I'm just going to keep the tool as is for now. Can you answer me this please. I have used this tool a long time and I never had this hiccup before. That said though, when we were doing this and I think you may have mentioned disabling Norton and MBAM which I did and I still got the same result. When I download this Kit I was extracting it to my Flash drive. Is that how it is supposed to be installed because it defaults when I click open to C:/EEK. I always just let it install to the Flash instead. Is there a way to tell if the Driver you speak of gets registered?
  15. I take it that if I choose to use EKS that I will need to use your tool? It seems that your partners there at Emsisoft for some reason refuse to let me know why this tool will not work properly for me. 2 responses this is what they gave me:but for some reason it didn't seem to be able to create its driver that it uses to delete stuff on your computer (or at least that's what it looked like from the OTL log you had posted). So I don't know what else to ask if they won't tell me why. I appreciate the work you have done and I guess if all else fails I can always fall back to your great tool. They should be glad and lucky to have you on their support team. ----------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. I downloaded everything to C:\EEK and re-ran the scan but the quarantine is still not functioning. According to my friend at Emsisoft,"There were some issues with deleting detected items that were fixed in Emsisoft Anti-Malware, but not all of those fixes have made it into the Emsisoft Emergency Kit yet" this was his take on the matter so it sounds as though it might be a glitch in the software. I don't know. I would just like to know if this Emergency Kit Scanner is worth keeping? Or should I just forward it to the not-working pile? I kind of liked this program when it worked. Please let me know.
  17. It only takes me a few slaps before I get this right. Tried and looked at what I was doing wrong and never thought that your script file was right up my you know what and it 3 days to see it. i downloaded it and placed it in the box ran the fix and here is what came out.................................... 04112014_133452.log
  18. OK tell me how to do this. "Run Scan" The results are a OTL log. You said to paste that into the box at the bottom of the OTL app. Then I run the "Fix" Now you can't start the pc until you open the log and save it from the Fix. My laptop wouldn't restart until I clicked OK and opened the Log from the Fix and saved it. Then I restarted and sent you the log from the Fix. What else am I supposed to do? Is this app ever going to work again or should I just get rid of it? The Emergency Kit I mean.
  19. Since I run my scans from a flash drive which goes by the letter F I don't see this EEK file that is mentioned a lot. I will attach a screenshot of everything that is with my Emergency Kit files. This is not running right for me. Lately I have been working with one of your reps and I have sent him some files which I have screwed up a couple times but hopefully I have sent him the proper ones today from a scan I did. The logs however say unable to interpret so I think the whole thing is messed up. Why does the EK scanner and quarantine not work anymore?
  20. OK Reran the scan and did everything over and now I have the Log you asked for (I hope) but here is the problem I see anyway. There are a whole list of errors that say unable to interpret. Does that mean that nothing was quarantined. Remember that I run this off of a Flash Drive. It says right on the app, "To be run on a flash drive". I tried to run it off of my C Drive and it wouldn't work. I have never had so many problems with this since it stopped working normally after whatever changes and I still have yet to see a post, but that doesn't really mean anything because I have been working with you. Try and let me know what to do here if anything. Thanks. 04092014_132646.log 04102014_114940.log 04102014_125352.log
  21. OK my friend, I do believe I did everything you asked for correctly. I did want to know if Emsisoft is planning on making their EK scanner and quarantine right anytime soon. Not that hard working guys like you aren't appreciated but it is much simpler to just quarantine and delete at the moment, right. Anyway here is the latest log. Please let me know if it worked out ok. By the way I never used the "Cleanup" button so I hope that wasn't on the list. OTL.Txt
  22. I did a few stupid things that we'll talk about at a later time. No harm no foul. Here are the logs if that's what you were asking for. Is this going to be fixed soon enough? I run this off a Flash drive so I had to get the logs off of that after searching C:/ EEK for an hour, DUH!!!! What a dummy I am! You told me it was on C IF I was running it on C. I am running it on F like a dumb ass. Live and learn right? If I run this Kit off of a Flash Drive where does the quarantine file reside? I guess what I'm trying to say is do I have to run this off of C:/ ???? a2scan_140407-171151.txt
  23. Very strange indeed. Tried a second scan with same new install and again click quarantine and nothing happens, so I am at a loss till someone in the know or if you find out post and let us know.
  24. After I finish either a custom scan or Threat scan none of the detected items will go to quarantine and they won't delete. I just extracted the emergency kit again to my Flash drive to see if a new one will work. It's the same KIT it just overwrote the older software. I never had a problem like this before it always put stuff in Quarantine, (where ever that is when you use a Flash drive) and where do things go when you delete them when you use this from a flash drive?
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